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This week, Marques, Andrew, and David discuss a few quick news items including Instagram’s “Made By AI” tag and a new app …


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  1. On budget phones where an under-display fingerprint reader is considered more premium, it being on the back is so much better as a thick case user. Sliding my finger – without looking – into the hole of the case feels better than being on the side and having to potentially re-adjust the way I'm holding the phone.

  2. Pleasantly shocked you’re all calling for fingerprint readers. I’d take it anywhere- but doubt Apple is going to – too arrogant.

    The CarPlay request is ridiculous: a) at least for Tesla, their system is fine; b) many OEMs are never giving that up – they want the data and money generated from those systems. They probably don’t want to have to deal with Apple either.

  3. Okay look this is my third comment on this episode but Google Tasks is a goated if you and your team are deep into Google Workspace. Being able to assign tasks from a meeting notes doc πŸ”₯

  4. it's always weird to me when people are like "a browser without chromium let's see how that works" it exists it's called Firefox and it works for 99% of browser usecases. chromium is not required to make the internet work.

  5. Wanting a standalone music device in 2024 without streaming in addition to our all in one computing devices that already do this better is crazy

  6. Out of all Waveform episodes, 22:31 "I think we're getting rid of Assistant eventually, and it's going to be Gemini. But this weird, awkward stage of, like, 'I'm dating a new girl but still living with my ex' of a Gemini assistant is very confusing." made laugh the most.

    Keep rocking, Andrew AKA The Nature Boy!

  7. We all know they want to say that in conjunction with an updated iPod or music player, they also want a modern LimeWire, but you know, legality doesn't allow them to say it on the podcastπŸ˜‚

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