Thoughts on the Ioniq 5N!

In this clip, Marques talks about the Galaxy Watch Ultra rumor before jumping into his experience with the Ioniq 5N and what he …


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  1. It's a bit extra 😂 – But straight-line acceleration and instant torque is something most electric cars can do, so it's not alluring or a big differentiator. It's great that their injecting CHARACTER and into vehicles again. Not everything has to be cool and understated

  2. The ioniq 5N is the way for EV sports cars.

    You think non NPCs in the future would want a worthless, souless appliance? This is who it's for, it is a beacon of hope for the future of fun cars.

  3. This car is for me. Coming from a 2010 Impreza hatch and mourning the loss of both the manual + my need for a bigger car/interior as I have a family now – this is the winning package.

  4. It’s for customer like me that lived through the analog age and drive a Tesla Model Y. After awhile the Y gets monotonous and you have this urge to go back to an engaging ICE car but don’t want to lose the power/efficiency and convenience of not going to the gas station. The ionic 5 N fulfills all of those things while still giving you the model Y space. Same demographics as all the high performance premium SUVs. To me it’s a no brainer but I guess this is weird to younger generations.

  5. It's for someone that wants an EV that can also have fun and perform on a track. The sounds and shifting I would assume give the driver more of an idea how the car is performing rather than just being silent. For example a lot of drivers just go by the sound of a car to determine what gear and how fast they are going. Also this car did just do Pikes Peak basically in stock form. Not many EV's can do that

  6. Im on my 2nd BEV and would Soooo love I5N! Its the best of both worlds! And when its getting Soo much critical acclaim from ex racing drivers and famous tv car personalities like Jeremy Clarkson and was voted best performance bev of the year by a very popular UK car magazine the Koreans should be applauded for being the 1st to do this! Cheers

  7. Benchmark results were leaked showing that the Exynos W1000 in the Galaxy Watch 7 and Ultra had 370% improved performance than the W930 installed in the previous Watch 6. Galaxy watch was a cheap piece of junk, but now it achieves similar performance to the Apple Watch. W1000 is Samsung's first 3nm GAA processed chip which is far more efficient compared to 5nm W930. Due to the nature of a wearable AP, it does't necessarily require peak performance. So, I believe that the 370% performance improvement means that the battery time is improved by about 4 times.

  8. On who the car is for.

    Its for someone who wants a good range and quiet car that can haul groceries that with a couple clicks becomes a roaring track beast that has an inclusive track warranty. It's a new breed of car that perfectly blends performance and practicality. This is the future of performance cars.

    You no longer much make incredible sacrifices or own two cars for genuine fun weekend performance and grocery getting, the ioniq 5n sits perfectly on the precipice.😊

  9. Andrew on the watch get it. Watch ui 6 even in beta is genuinely incredible, i hope the phone software goes after it. My 5 pro gets just about 2 days on beta, 3 before. Seriously. Also on the car, the ioniq 5n, it's a genuine revolution sitting in quiet.

  10. 11:58 ALL of them…. including EVERY car journalist and car enthusiast… who's been FOREVER… commenting ALWAYS…that electric cars are not fun and they would like those things…the sound…the gear change..the vibrations…thw feel…and I question…how is this still a question ⁉️ So no wonder what anyone does..there are gonna be complaints. Not saying you are doing that…but it's a general human behaviour for all of us

  11. I am so taken with the quiet civilized lack of noise our Solterra doesn’t make, I am quickly developing a distaste for the noise ICE cars make. The Ionic “sound effects” and simulated shift behaviour highlighted in this video would outright make me not purchase it.

  12. Seems like we all completely overlooked the Samsung fit 3, I got one the other day, battery life for days, does all the basic smartwatch stuff

  13. I love this car…. I was dreaming of a Z06 convertible and would have had to wait for a lot longer to afford one and obviously I would still love to have a Z06, but the I5N is the better choice for an everyday driver…..

  14. This car is made to show car enthusiasts that even though electric cars seem inevitable, we can still make them fun and engaging. Or at least try

  15. As usual with the team a very badly informed video barely covering the car and stopping at "wow it makes funny sounds". Nothing about the insane work to make a car with that size and weight behave like a much lighter car, its active battery cooling tech, completely remade steering column, adaptive dampers and so on. Also the gear shifting and sound is actively helpful on track to have auditive cues for your speed, not everyone's cup of tea I get it but also not just a gimmick.
    These guys really need to drive more…

    As for their question, that car is for people on a budget who need a car that does it all, carrying the family and dog but you can still absolutely track and trust me when you overtake all the cayman and base 911s on the track they won't be making fun 😅

  16. Friend of mine owns 5N. He uses it as a family car, daily driver, and he NEVER uses the artifical sound and shifting. He just wanted spacious Ioniq 5 with more power (that he utilizes on the highways). 🙂

    When driving in the city and on nearby country roads, he can achieve 16 kWh/100 km, which would lead to almost 500 kilometers of total range, not bad imho for such a big and heavy car.

  17. Ioniq 5n is for someone like me, who wants a reliable car with less maintenance, less headaches, a bit techie and a bit eco-friendly, but FUN at the same time. I love cars, I love speeding, but I don’t want to waste my time for periodical maintenance. That’s why I drive a Tesla right now and so far I’m pretty satisfied. It’s fast, reliable, and pretty fun to drive in general, but not fun as driving a gas car not gonna lie. I always felt something is missing, but I was not able to find an alternative. But Hyundai brought up an answer that I was looking for. Now I’m seriously considering to “upgrade”.

  18. if people don't mind simulating through their Forza games, then they wouldn't mind having an EV that is designed for the car enthusiast to have "Fun". That car has been beating out all other competitions and even those high-end sports cars. I say it's a pretty bargain deal for the working class level. Personally, given the opportunity, I would get this in a heartbeat.

  19. I have the ioniq 6 and it’s awesome. My dealership only had one 5N and they blew a tire. It’s several weeks back ordered 😅 great EVs

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