Best smartwatches you can buy in 2017

Full in depth look – The smartwatch is the ultimate smartphone accessory. It can tell…


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  1. I'm no means a fanboy, but i think the best choice is Gear S3. Why?

    1. Who needs a million apps on their smartwatch? That severe lack of app is kind of wierd. (i get it, option is nice but i honestly don't even want to install apps on my smartwatch unless i have to)

    2. Big on wrist? That watch is small compared to my normal watches. For most man, the size will be a nice fit… probably not so much for a woman with skinny wrist

    3. Compared to Apple Watch 2 the Gear S3 has GPS, HR, Wifi, LTE, Water Resist, 3 Days battery life, Better design, and better charging station. (Bonus: Its also cheaper)

  2. I think that the Gear S3 should be at the 1st place, because it is compatible with Android and iOS, whereas Apple watch is only compatible with iOS

  3. It's amazing how the "smart" industry are turning all our once quite long lasting products into disposable objects being made obsolete remotely.

    this in a world where we really need to consume less.

  4. Why would you place a watch whom compatible with only ONE OS (which is the crappy "ever-so-advanced icrappyOS)? I mean, in the making, didn't you considered these factors? Hell, the LG watch urbane or even the Gear S3|Frontier would've gone better than that over priced crap. It's not that versatile, you're tied in on one crappy OS that you'd regret using after a couple of yrars from now, and most of all, the money you wasted wasn't worth it. Unsubscribing to this channel. I really don't understand why tech channels nowadays are too biased towards Apple. Just because most of the people are dumb and are worshipping Apple, dosen't mean you should blend in with them. Shouldn't you facepalm the truth even if it's hurt? Isn't tech-blogging a type of Journalism? Hell, is this good journalism? Smh I need a break

  5. Wow, this list is bad… And a question – based on what is any Moto more beautiful than Huawei?? Have you seen them together.. live? Moto looks like a cheap knock-off compared to premium Hauwei feel.

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