TechRadar Talks – iPhone 6S/Apple TV/iPad Pro

Apple’s iPhone 6S event proved to be more of an iPad Pro and new Apple TV press conference. How well did Apple do? We discuss.


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  1. Like last year or a couple years ago, didn't Apple completely diss android for having a pen/stylus with their products? Now,this year they are doing a 180 and going back on their word?

  2. New Apple tv: Useless you have previous apple tv. Only gonna be used for Netflix really.
    iPad pro: Good tablet but overpriced. Better off spending that bit extra on a mac book or just get a Microsoft surface.
    iPhone 6s: 3d touch.. Meh. New processor, good but not essential over the iPhone 6. The camera does look amazing.
    Nothing that good really. Getting quite bored of apple tbh.

  3. Samsung came out with the note pro 12.2 a couple of years ago. I'm watching your review on it right now, and love the device. 12.2 quad display with S Pen and all the features. Apple will never come close to that. it had limited success because so many people could not envision using such a big tablet. They said that about larger phones a few years ago and now most people are using these larger phones. I'm sure that Apple will have more success with it than Samsung did, but I love this Note 12.2 pro.

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