Bitcoin Gears Up For Action! Galaxy Index Fund, Global Crypto, Investing In The Growth – Ep197

Bitcoin seems to be getting ready for another big move as we’re seeing new players entering the space and “big money” starting to find ways to monetize the crypto revolution.


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  1. Here's a tangential question, why is it Coin Mastery "TV"? It's the "TV" part I don't understand. YouTube isn't TV. I mean, you can watch it on a TV, but it's not broadcast over the airwaves… I would think that simply "Coin Mastery" is good enough and has a nice ring to it. The "TV" at the end is more confusing than anything.

  2. Zilliqa is a very solid project, bunch of smart people, good tech and real partnerships. They were also exchanging knowledge and experiences with Vitalik about scalability. These guys know what they are doing. Steady increase of valuation no pump and dump scheme.

  3. What are you talking about???Index funds do infact directly own the underlaying asset listed on the fund!!!not future contract or the likes.

  4. Love the channel but the "wait and see" stuff can be somewhat of a detriment. Carter has been saying "wait" since we were at 7k

  5. Dude. Zil is a great project, people saw it as a coin around 80—100 and knew its real place is top 20 like icx. Fundaments, man.

  6. Love your macro analysis of the market! It really helps me get more in depth of not only the crypto market, but also how financial institutions work.

  7. zillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  8. Could the twins sell the patent for a certain number of time? Therefore others can use what the patent is protecting for X amount of money for Y amount of time with Z variable

  9. I would have to disagree with your Venezuela statement… what Venezuela have done has circumvented the US petro dollar… same thing Libya, Iraq, Russia, China are doing. I'm not saying that Venezuela is doing it for the benefit of the people there but they are within their right to NOT have to USE a currency that is devaluing every day like the USD. Russia and China trade oil between each other using USD … does that make sense !!!! neither country local currency is USD… the system has been setup and has always been one sided NOW the world is becoming more self conscious and will move towards a one world currency that CAN NOT be corrupted by ANY Country !!! thus being a trust-less system needed for settling macro scale contracts.

  10. Be careful! When we EXPECT something to happen – then so often IT DOES NOT ! Have you noticed that ? When a lot of people are expecting something good to happen, then the market can unexpectedly turn downwards. And when it goes up too fast there is the distinct possibility of a bad crash soon to follow. Like you say Cart, have a buying plan, have a selling plan.

  11. The BGCI seems like a scam, along with most other crypto index funds right now. As you mentioned, BGCI will work just as an ICO and won't have anything to do with the 10 weighted coins. The other index funds usually take the market cap of each coin (along with some other factors), and makes a small portfolio (max 20 coins) of those coins. You need a lot more and stable coins to actually make a decent index fund. And using market cap is flawed, because market cap tells you absolutely nothing about how much "energy" is behind that coin. I can make a coin with 1 mill units with a price of $1, and people will say that the market cap is $1 mill which is obviously wrong because I'm the only one who owns that coin. The best is to stay far away from index funds right now, until we get more stability in the crypto market.

  12. Carter, you need to zoom out to the weekly timeframe. There is an equilibrium pattern which has formed, and most likely we just set a lower high last week. What's most likely is that we'll continue to set a higher low maybe at the end of next week, and then I would bet on a break hopefully to the upside.

  13. Actually its not going up, its made a lower high and is preparing to drop down to a lower low. Vert bearish right now, the only thing that could happen is if the exchanges try to prop it up again with another spike. Volumes are still low and the chart looks weird.

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