How to speed up your Android device

Is your Android running slow? Here are some easy ways to bring your device back up to speed. Visit our website: Twitter: …


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  1. a sumsung a5 2016 this mobile automatically switched offed&when apps are then shows keeps Google service is stopped&keep apps are stopping &not download software it shows error please bro tell me what happens thise mobile phone plz…..

  2. The perfect 3 steps would be these!!
    1. Throw away your touchwiz phone
    2. Buy an iPhone with iOS and its buttery biscuity biscuits
    3. Slap the fuck out of yourself for falling for the idiots saying android is smoother than iOS?

  3. OMG All these 'technics' are designed to retarded noobs. Everyone knows these steps and they don't work in 90%. Dislike ??

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