Samsung Galaxy S vs S2 vs S3 vs S4 vs S5 vs S6 vs S7 Edge vs S8+ / PART 2 – Battery Test

S vs S2 vs S3 sv S4 vs S5 vs S6 vs S7 Edge vs S8 Plus. It’s time for part 2 of our BIG Samsung Galaxy S VS series, covering a Samsung Galaxy smartphone from …


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  1. well i own a s7 myself and its still a great phone.

    for everyone who doesnt want always the newest model to be cool, the s7 is more than enough.
    if my s7 dies someday, im gonna buy a new one. but next time in black 🙂

  2. I have at least 3 extra batteries for s3 and s5 so they never die as you externally charge on a rotating basis. I have fast charge for my s7 Edge.

  3. Also dont be surprised the s4 sucks compared to the s3, I've used both and the s4 sucks a fat one when it comes to battery management especially with lollipop.

  4. I'm personally glad you used phones that have been used. If people are looking for a battery life test for something like an s4 (like me) and dont have the time to sit around and do one, a phone that has been used is going to give a better result than one that is pretty much new out of the box. if people want to know what its battery life was 4 years ago, look at a video from then.

  5. I don't know what kind of S8+ phone you got to test but the battery life is horrible on it. I did my own test between an S6 that was 2 years old and the new S8+ and my S6 battery outlasted the new S8+. I did every optimization you could do to it and it didn't make a significant difference. I was lucky if I got 10 hours out of the battery life. After going thru 2 S8+ I figured out it was a Firmware issue, not a battery issue, but Samsung says they have no immediate plans to release a fix for it.

  6. I have used the s6 and it's battery was very bad(display was adjusted to basic & adaptive). Had a charger everywhere at home, work and in the car. But with the s7 edge, it's just brilliant. I'm able to go all day starting with 70% charge (default display settings). However, I consider the s6 to charge faster than the s7 edge, may be due to the size of the battery. Also the s6 used to get really warm while charging compared to s7 edge warmth which felt very much normal 95% of the times.

  7. S8 plus had black bars on the side due to it's 18.5:9 aspect ratio. about 20% of the screen were turned off because that.

  8. S5 was hated when it came out but it provides decent battery life which is also removeable, water resistant, good rear camera, expandable storage. Functionality over slim looks.

  9. This battery life tests are bullshit , in a review he s say battery life with mobile data and outdoor is shit and the standby isnt good too thr battery is only good in wifi network and when you use it instant from 100 to 0%

  10. Sorry guys but this is rubbish. First of all at least put the money dels in order i.e. S at the bottom, s2 next and so on. Secondly why put the s7 edge and s8 plus into this test? Surely it should be the regular models as there were no plus models with bigger batteries in the older phones except for the s6 edge plus..

  11. galaxy s6 with 6h SOT? your tests are always FAKE dude, even in aireplane mode with youtube ate 480p resolution s6 die a lot sooner than 6h SOT, as I have one LOL

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