Nokia 8 review: The best Nokia to come out this year

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Nokia 8’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet …


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  1. Hey great vid is the phone released in the US? Cause i saw a website saying this phone will not be released in the US

    Also does it have a slightly different name for the us version?

  2. The Nokia 8 is a great phone .
    There's no doubt it's a flagship even 8 months later this is a beast . It's better than HTC u11 in many ways .
    Price being one.
    Some great buyign points .
    Great build ,great screen ,good sound on speakers and headphones . Great video recording. Good photos better on Google camera port .. pretty good battery. 5 hours of screen on over 16-20 hours . Very fast on everything

    Some negatives … Aspect ratio , finger print scanner quite slow. 5 hours sot could also be seemed to be low . (8 hour mate 10)
    Basic software very few option and adjustment s

  3. Welcome back Nokia!
    It's time (again) to show the Koreans and Americans how to make quality phones.
    No bloatware and longer battery?
    – You are already the winner, with your first phone, congratulations 😀
    (You must get rid of that camera sticking out).

    Ahh Nokia and Battlefield V (WW2), everything is going back to normal 😛

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