Bitcoin and Crypto Market CRASH – Will History Repeat on Nov 15th?

Today the Bitcoin and crypto market turns ugly and lost over 10 billion dollars overnight. What is going on? Is history repeating itself? I’m going to connect the dots on some interesting things coming up, especially on November 15th of this month.

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  1. Wenn XRP Ripple gewinnt ,verliere ich mein glauben der Freiheit der
    Menschen! Dann Etherum für neue Ideen und Aps! Echt!Die Banken gewinnen
    wieder und lachen uns bürger aus

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  4. I'm sorry but this bitcoin hype is straight deception. There are other coins that never had so much problems yet people hate it because banks and payment providers like it. $XRP does not have these problems and it scales

  5. We are lower then last year .This bear market will last for years.If you think we are going above 6k this year think again.good luck and good bye.

  6. Yeah, the US dollar is only worth something because we all agree it is worth something. However, the US dollar is backed by the full faith and credit of 300+ million hard working Americans of the most powerful nation on the planet. Bitcoin is backed by a few thousand guys sitting at their computers in their underwear in their mother's basement. I know that's kind of harsh but I made it so to illustrate the point that Bitcoin is just like tulips back in Holland in the 17th century.

  7. The only thing that matters is buying volume and the strength of a bounce with conviction like in February this year. The 6k low in Feb saw a proper bounce with 125k bitcoins bought up and April this year around 45k bitcoins on the bounce, the next one will probably be half again. That is called declining volume and declining interest. Unless you see huge green volume bars bouncing off support in the range of 100k+ bitcoins bought up then it's dead cat and it's going down. That is all there is to say. The charts don't lie. Volume is interest.

  8. Who will survive as a veteran of Dork War 1? Watch as nerds are recruited into the fake crypto market by the Rothschild Banking family. Watch as they use fake wars and outlandish ideas to lure in fellow nerds to help them build their globalist one world currency.

  9. You are one of the top five Youtube crypto pumpers along with Bitcoin Ben. You guys are going to REKT people if you haven't done already telling folks to buy here. Today was confirmation that we are in a long term bear market that could last another 2 more years. Don't buy here! Wait for 3K and start scaling in. We haven't even seen the capitulation yet.

  10. If Craig Idiot is right about btc….that means BTC is tottaly centralised and EOS will go balistic.
    Even considering Craig Idiot is right confirms that people deep inside know very well that BTC is centralised. If BTC was not centralised, no one would even talk about Craig.

  11. last year we went up because we were in a bull market, that doesnt mean because last year the price was the same that we will go up in a few days lol

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