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  1. I buy 1 years ago from this company doogee bl7000 and they didn't give my money back,i talk with bank with postage details and they told this company close or fake fake,if you wanna put money in rubbish bin you can buy this

  2. Best phone is the bkackcurrent zen force x 2162 15000 mah sd 845 6 gb ram only 12 mm thick fast charge at 5 amps at 28 watts full charge in 45 mins


    The quiketel K7 is a beautiful phone with top specs and a very good price however i have to adress the elephant in the room with this phone and most of the listed phones thats with the battery ITS OVERATED allow me to explain

    YES it has got a massive battery 10000mah is incredible for a phone of this price but that doesnt mean it will last longer than say a I phone with a 3000mah battery. You see the i phone and other phones are a hell of a lot more power efficent than this phone because of smaller screen size (battery most usage) more efficent software capabilities meaning less power is used and the battery is also better in terms of quality build. because of the way the battery is made each time you charge it will last less and less time. the battery will wear down much quicker due to poorer quality parts on the battery and then the phone will start detecting it wrong or will start turning on and off when you dont want it too. During this process it can corrupt the android system and thats a pain in the ass to fix to the point that many people would just buy a new phones. So these chinese phones are lovely phones but its short lived

    For those who have never owned these types of phones they will have zero clue what im talking about so just buy it and find out what i mean for yourself

  4. Oukitel k10000 I pay 240Euro in Belgrade 2yrs ago. No problem with phone, phone have very good screen and performance is stable ,average plus no gliches. 25-30h of screen use,fast charge…Design like beautifull mashinery. As my fifth smartphone ranging cpu from 208 to 1700, this 1000cpu 4core 2gb ram phone show me that numbers representing performance are misleading,maybe ram is most important!Only not so great thing on Oukitel k10000 is sound. So I change speaker (I take one speaker from Asus stereo tablet) I gane quality of sound in change of loudnees. Bravo China

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