Razer Phone 2 Review After 2 Months – The BEST 120 FPS Gaming Smartphone 2019?!

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The new Razer Phone 2 is already on the market for a few months. But is it the best gaming smartphone to buy in 2019 for fortnite and pubg?


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  1. Dont trust him about the screen. I checket myself the phone, it's a total disaster in sun light. Still no near close to a Note 9 or Mate 20 pro screen.
    There are some other reviews on youtube who pointed this out. Really, for me this was the only deal breaker.

  2. I like your videos.
    At the least you are honest second you have a knowledge about technology much better than those shit north American YouTubers. They're great Lairs just selling lies ,promoting American products and they've zero knowledge about technology.
    You need to buy smartphones unboxing then sell them.

  3. still got my razer phone 1 as my main driver, I love it! I would highly recommend people to avoid the hammerhead headsets though, razer doesn't have a good track record when it comes to the quality of their headsets. With them breaking a lot!

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