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  1. Whatever you all say-
    Nokia 6.1 plus is one of the best budget phones
    Mi A2 is shit
    Cons of MI A2 AKA reasons not to buy MI A2-
    1)Poor Battery(3000mAh)
    2) No expandable memory
    3)No headphone jack(I don't understand why Xiaomi removed the headphone jack in a mid-range phone)
    4)No expandable memory
    5)No face unlock
    1)Good cameras
    2) Android One
    P.S- I don't understand, why every YouTuber is promoting Xiaomi phones. Xiaomi phones are just junk

  2. You lost me at bad hardware power button which I was really annoyed by my moto e 1st gen and promised myself to never go back to the experience. Nice and honest review.

  3. Don't purchase Nokia (made in india) new mobile phones if you have any planes to travel abroad.
    There are not supporting network bandwidth.
    (Lycasim , tsim not working in Europe and usa, canada )

  4. i had a pretty bad experience using this phone. There are frequent app crashes and the ram management is just poor, it can hardly handle 3 apps at a time. The clarity of the speaker is pretty bad at full volume and the volume is not ample enough for daily use. It just looks good however once you pick it up ,it gives you that cheap glass looking plastic feeling. It is a waste of money.

  5. Bought it already and have been using since 1 month. Superb in all aspects. For camera pls. Download google camera from play store. Very good photo quality will come.

  6. Fu*king biased… #notexpectedfromyoubeebom
    Just going to report this video and unsubscribe from this channel. Very disappointed. Bcz I've purchased Nokia 6.1 plus and the camera is lot lot lot better as compared to this=shit video. And battery is optimised so well that it can last 1 day easily on full charge with moderate use and gameplay. And stock android with type C. Love you Nokia. Hate you #beebom. Such a biased review. #biased

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