GUNSHIP – 'The Drone Racing League' METAL REMIX 2019

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I have been listening to Gunship A LOT recently and at the same time that I really fell in love with the band they announced a remix contest for on of their song : The Drone Racing League, from their ‘Dark All Day” album

I really like Synthwave those days but of course I HAD to make a metal version out of it 🙂
I think it turned out great and I had a lot of fun recording this!

As of posting this video the winners have been announced yet, and while I don’t have any hopes to be high in the list, I wanted at least to share this with my subscribers and any other Gunship fans out there!

Thank you for watching!
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  1. It is obvious that a lot of work was put in this glorious piece. At 1:15 I was like YES! Good job dude I really hope that you make more synth covers like this. Cheers!

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