HTC One Review

HTC One Review

HTC One Review: The long awaited HTC One comes with top-tier specs, a beautiful metallic chassis and Android 4.2.2. But does the Taiwanese firm’s latest …


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  1. 1) The battery can last a long timme

    2) The camera takes better pictures than the iPhone 5, and performs better in low light than the S4

    3) Its not thick, and its weight, although slightly heavier than the S4, makes it feel sturdy and real

    4) Well samsung has made useless tools that make no sense

    5) There is no need for that

    Just stop.

  2. Camera and sense is step backwards i agree but too heavy and thick. Not in any universe man. About SD card its something some people dont care for and to be honest its time that we start using smartphones, as they deserve, which is smart. And save our stuff on cloud services. Also the battery does not fail at all, its good.

  3. And i repeat im no samsung fanboy. I have a GS3 and im waiting for someone to make it better. Till now sony has bad screens, LG has bad cameras, HTC are nearly there but they lose it in the last moment. Best case scenario for me is that in the next flagships HTC blows samsung out of the water and i buy the HTC instead. HTC deffinitelly make better screens though. At least my buddy's HTC One x had better screen than my GS3.

  4. Im not talking as a samsung fanboy. But GS3 was a better choice last year and SGS4 is a better choice now. HTC is a really expensive phone for what it gives which is top notch design and amazing speakers. Sense is cool but it lacks basic features (no shortcuts in notification bar, no ability to completely turn off blinkfeed i mean wth) and the camera is ok, but SGS4 has so many more things to justify such a high pricepoint

  5. Dude no matter what you say the only thing that HTC camera does right is that it brings plenty of light to the sensor. With the expense of so many other things. And not only that but cameras with smaller pixel size nowdays, also manage to take good low light pics. Lets face it HTC did wrong with the false advertised camera which is average at best. And thats the thing with HTC they always get some thing completely wrong. Same with the one x and the ridiculously small battery.

  6. i hear the s4 is badly built and after using the HTC one at an event recently I have decided to buy it instead of the note 2 i was going to buy this was after i had decided to never go back to HTC after the awful desire s

  7. I am using the HTC One X and loved it. I am now waiting to change to S4 although I tried HTC ONE and the screen look absolutely amazing. My fiance's Note 1's photo quality is just much better and hence I am convinced that Samsung has a better camera although Samsung's screen is a little bit saturated for my liking – which i believe my eyes will get used to after 1 day. HTC ONE's screens is just…i'm speechless. And also it just frustrates me that HTC is lacking third party vendors for cases.

  8. Hello beloved subscribers! We thought you'd be interested to know that after the latest software update brought a number of improvements to the HTC One, including a much improved battery life, we've now awarded it full marks.

    Thanks for watching 🙂

  9. @usernameXunavaibl13 hi for you information I was looking into buying the Htc one bit there were a few negatives for me. But I went to a phone tried it out and loved it. I have posted that I think it is brilliant and I am now a owner of the Htc one. So I apologise

  10. 1. False – has a more than average battery in real life use.

    2. False – 4 megapixels via the ultrapixel technology proves that a higher megapixel count doesn't always result in better pictures. Another good example is the fact that the Canon 650D beats the Sony A65 over and over again, regardless of the fact that the A65 is 24MP and the Canon 18MP.

    3.False – have you held it? It is a thin phone by any standards.

    4. False – You're talking rubbish.

    5. False – You're talking rubbish again.

  11. 1.not too thick, its more ergonomic than the S4 and it feels thinner.

    2.Not a failed camera, it does just as good pictures like the S4. there is a common misconception, more megapixels just means bigger picture. you dont need a 13 mp picture unless youer a photographer.

    3. Battery is the same, my friend. only a hair smaller.

    4. Blinkfeed, frontfiring speakers >s transtalor and other*cough* gimmicks *cough* xD

    5. Cloud storage is advancing and 32 GB is enough for most of us.

    HTC One> SGS4.

  12. 32 GB is enough for me, not to mention how we are advancing in cloud storage. the verge, jon4lakers, phonedog, phonebuff, pocketnow AND techradar all think that the HTC One is the best smartphone you can get at the moment. and that really tells us something.

  13. This is suppose to be a review, not a hands on with the devices. We already know what features the devices has. You are suppose to tell us whats great about them and all, not list them out.

  14. Thnx for the review and for those who said the camera is bad its amazing with a crisp photo I got to check it out I love it and u should consider it they improved the battery atleast better than the one x I think that's a start

  15. I'm contemplating on getting this or an S4. I love the design of the HTC One, it's slick, slim and solid feeling. However the things that deter me are the placement of the touch buttons (HTC logo being where the home button should be). I know it's not about many megapixels but how you use them but 4mp will result in some pretty small looking photos that just won't look as crisp. S4 looks cheap but I love some of the new features like group play

  16. The S4 or even better, the Note III.
    The HTC One absolutely falls short – bad battery and lame camera, too thick and heavy and lacks software innovation. Blink feed is more of a nuisance.

  17. Great looking phone but
    1. Failed battery (any phone that fails in this arena is an absolute POS!)
    2. Failed camera
    3. Too thick and heavy
    4. Lacks software innovation.
    5. Should have had 128gb option of SD support.

    HTC has obviously not learned from their past mistake. It's time for Peter Chou to resign. Let someone who actually knows what the heck they're doing take over.

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