Samsung Galaxy S7 Vs iPhone 6S: clash of the tech titans

Samsung Galaxy S7 Vs iPhone 6S: clash of the tech titans

In the smartphone world there’s only one comparison worth checking out to some: how does the new Samsung Galaxy S7 compare to Apple’s latest iPhone 6S?


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  1. iOS is probably the best OS ever but Apple is a shit company with shit management and pricing. Apple died with Steve Jobs.

  2. At face value the s7 wins, but there is no unlocked model available atm, backups are still a mess, qhd burns through battery life, touchwiz lags, until we know otherwise apps cant be fully installed on the micro sd, a lot of good apps never make it to Android, little to no updates depending on the carrier, carrier branding, carrier bloatware, malicious apps in the app store, and root most likely impossible depending on the carrier.

    There are other things that the s7 will do better, but I'm done with Samsung jerkin me around.

  3. Everyone who thinks the iPhone 6/6s is a good looking phone is either blind, mental or has a really bad taste.
    I say that as an iPhone 6 owner. I hope the iPhone 7 is going to be better looking. But UI is just personal preference, which is why I own an iPhone. Just works best for my needs.

  4. Do you know why Apple still start with a 16GB version instead of the 32GB version? They do know that 16GB yucky af for an iPhone nowadays so people will try to save more money for the 64/128GB version. No more 599$

  5. I wish people would stop doing these comparisons. It really is comparing Apples (no pun intended) to Oranges. Yes, Android phones are always going to be ahead on specs and functionality compared to iPhones. No, iPhone users are not going to magically 'see the light' and switch. It's like trying to tell a religious person there is no god. They have their own reasons for using iPhone's such as the simplicity and fashion or the fact they actually pay for their mp3's and have them all on iTunes or whatever. We can continue trying to needlessly troll or mock them, or we can get on with our lives.

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