Samsung phones are Blowing Up – Here’s Why.

Samsung phones are Blowing Up - Here’s Why.

It looks like Samsung Phones have a (Dangerous) Problem. Let me know if you’ve experienced anything similar! Subscribe for …


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  1. As a technician fixing phones, this does happen a lot across all brands mainly Samsung and iphone which I mostly fix. A customer brought an iPhone 13pro max with similar issues to my shop for battery replacement.

  2. Oh no, I just brought an iPhone and was hoping to keep my s20+ as back up. Thanks for the video btw my whole family has a Samsung phone I’m worried

  3. Ngl the editing and production on these videos is incredible. I had no clue who you were until I saw a few shorts videos over the last few weeks and I scrolled past them but always remembered the spark they had. Eventually ended up subscribing as I was roped in and it’s not disappointed! Had tons of content to watch. Cheers 👋

  4. I had the same issue with my iPhone 5s, after not using it for a while I noticed the battery had swollen and damaged the screen but I think the this problem is more common with the Samsung brand especially their flagship

  5. I have an S2, S4, S7, Note 10 and an S21 Ultra… I live in FL and NONE of them are swollen. I even charged the older ones yesterday after seeing this video and… yea, no problems at all. I must be really lucky?

  6. I currently am not experiencing expanding batteries from my s4 to my s9+ and my a71 daily driver but I will be looking into getting fireproof bags in case that does happen.

  7. That's why I will never buy samsung phone since it may 💥 whenever how much samsung is good or cool doesn't matter but which thing matter is life if it by chance then ur life is in danger maybe resulting death. Since I personally heard a person die from samsung explosion which sends shivers down my spine

  8. thanks to u guys, I seddunly rushed down to check my Samsung s20plus which as kept inside my cupboard since a couple of year,
    And yes found the exact battery swollenup and pushed my screen,

  9. This is so true, I've seen that my galaxy s4,s5,s6, s8 and s10 have all done the same recently which was quite alarming. Whilst the rest of my other branded phones didn't.

  10. Huge shout out to Arun for highlighting this to the world. For the most part, people don't need to panic, unless you have Samsung's lying around in your house not in use. That being said I came across an S3 mini (which must be like 9 years old) in my parents house the other day, that was laying dormant in the cupboard and it was totally fine. However, I know there's probably an S7 and one of the cheaper Samsung's lying around. Now that I know this, I will make sure they get disposed off, it's a literally ticking time bomb that can end up starting a fire and killing my family. It's actually a very serious issue, and Samsung has a duty of care to properly investigate this, provide official guidance, and improve the manufacturing of its battery. I currently got the Pixel 6 Pro, I had been with Samsung from S6, S8 and S10, and I was hoping to switch back, but this quality control issue will make me think twice when I come to upgrade in a year's time.

  11. I had this issue on both s8 and my current s10+. Fortunately the backs never cracked. The corner just opened up. Additionally I was able to take both to the local repair shop to replace the battery and have NEVER seen the issue again. This obviously also helped with the battery life as the phones were 2-3 years old at the time and needed a new battery to hold power properly. I expect my s10+ to have a lifetime of up to 6 years as opposed to the 3-4 years that the average consumer has.

  12. I'm literally scared of my Galaxy A40 after seing this I'm not gonna lie… Thank god that you guys decided to inform everyone about this👍

  13. Ok, but why NOW!? All the models of various age just now!? I get it, when someone store them out of sight they have no clue when it happened but you have the shelf for a few months and you put every single phone there by hand. You would have noticed if any of them were even slightly inflated. So… Why NOW?

  14. I had 2 removable batteries (2) from my old LG G5 phone and they also swelled after they've been left unused. one being inside the phone and the other one just sitting in the plastic casing it came with. interestingly the one left inside the phone swelled worse than the one left in the casing.

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