Inside Lucid Air: The Future of Luxury?

Lucid Air – A closer look at a futuristic luxury electric 0.0 Lucid Air Announcement video: Video Gear I use:…


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. This is dope. Tesla really needed to have stepped up their interiors for the price point. But it looks like lucid is well on the way to becoming the luxury ev that we want to see and those with the means to buy. Really looking at these heavy!

  2. Pretty beautiful peace of tech! I'm a Tesla fan but I would like to see some competition. And this is looking good!

  3. Hi Marques grate videos man….I want to see the new Yoko Phone with 3 D technology and 4 K cameras made in Finland .I love Lucid Air .The exterior Tesla is more appeal, but Tesla as interior is very bad….Lucid look amazing and the interior change luxury at other level…The beauty inside drive you crazy…Unfortunately trunk lack on space and is not good.They could make it better.But i like it more then Tesla for all futures and interior.

  4. Too many touchscreens! One is enough in my opinion.. and physical buttons are much better to use, especially while driving.

  5. First of all, thank you vwery much Marques. I enjoy watching your videos. The car you reviewed in this video is more awesome than Tesla. The reson is not everyone demands a huge trunk. Some people will definetely go for a big legroom or huge car lounge whatever you call that!! Thats it . And thank you once again for providing us with such full of content creative videos. Btw you video clarity is super super amazing!!

  6. cool… I'll look forward to being able to maybe affording a 10+ year old model 3 in like 20 years. super luxury cars are cool but not accessible to normal people, even electric cars are too much.

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