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The NSA can track your Bitcoin transactions & Twitter CEO thinks Bitcoin will be the only currency in the future! CryptoCurrency!
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  1. Please don't make it sound like FB, Twitter and others are getting rid of cryptocurrency ads in order to protect us. They are getting rid of them because the FBI has been pressuring them to do so. (Look it up, a couple of the company heads even stated as much.) The FBI did the exact same thing to Wikileaks – they forced the credit card companies and paypal to stop servicing Wikileaks because it was releasing the US government's dirty top secrets. Assange started using bitcoin and it saved Wikileaks. The FBI hates cryptocurrencies. Now they are attacking cryptocurrency by forcing "free companies in a free country" to shut down crypto ads – in the name of "protecting the consumer". Bullshit.

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  3. Buddy why do you need to speak so ridiculously fast and load – slow down a little and make your video more watchable…. I am out of here 🙁

  4. so at first zak tells us about ncash now moment dont you think its abit shit you get us hyped about one coin then another that kind of does the same thing is this is successful then ncash is deadish

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  7. People that believe a substance is bad because the government says so are nothing but good little brainwashed pets. Alcohol and junk food is bad for you. Should the government ban that as well. They would if they truly cared about anyones well-being. The moment someone has the "authority" to stop another person from injesting a substance is the moment that person is OWNED. Should people do heroin, of course not, but NO ONE has the right to use force to prevent ANYONE from using it.

  8. Death cross on bitcoin. Consequence of the bear market? Beginning of the bearish phase or preparation for a bullish rally as in November-December? And the volumes?

  9. Love your shows and the new studio, my first comment I think.
    Ideas for improvement: a desk, a plant or a unicorn lol, a couch for guests, a ticker-tape with the current prices rolling along the bottom and some crypto headlines. Some graphics with the logo. Keep up the great work you've got the start of something great could see a big Network picking this up for their crypto corner! Best of luck!

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