Bull Run on the Horizon? – CryptoCurrency Bull Run – Crypto Bull Run News

Is the cryptocurrency market about to go on a Bull Run?
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  1. It would be nice to see another dip so I can buy a bit more before bouncing back. I wasn't able to do so from the last sale due to lack of fund. 🙁 BTC: 13Q8CXWuvXBxdSGxEurbqDsNu3PAoYFB5C

  2. Zach, you still haven't given THIS vid the 50€ give-away.. but gave the next twice, so might as well post this here still.. 😉


  3. I am waiting as well for a small pullback. Hoping Tron goes to 0.03 and Neo goes below $100. It is going to be a nice run from April through the summer. Thanks for the great videos as always.


  4. I love your videos I’ve told all of my friend to subscribe to you!! Your work is true down to the point
    Keep up the great work!!

  5. Neo and has baby! I’d like to see a return to 10k bitcoin average at that point I’ll start reinvesting in my mines. 17BEA4PfD5DkA5ea7Dt8dBcoSJJMth37hw

  6. Thank you for keeping us up to date and giving us your point of view. It's really helpful to have a second, candid opinion to help put my own in perspective, backed up and even argued against sort of lol. Keep up the good work and the same goes to the rest of the team.


  7. As always, great video mate! Be even more awesome with some TA behind it


  8. try to see as mutch ofyour videos as possible. got my dad in to crypto yesterdy so need a bull market for his confidence.

  9. I appreciate your take on the cryptoverse. It is hard to trust some hosts on YouTube and it's great to hear an honest host. Thank You


  10. I am currently holding ETH, Data (Google adwords), Airswap (Decentralized Exchange), Kyber Network (ETH founder is advisor) and Theta Token (Youtube and Twitch founders are advisors) ?

  11. I really believe that people should hold until summer because people have to understand that this is a long term investment, so you can't be expecting to make money next day, you have to be patient and hold. 19wpobts8LDpD3qHKXuiz9x3HhYcU2dwW5

  12. I think were going back down for a bit.. Lots of negative new with the hacks etc recently


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