12 Flying Machines Coming to Reinvent Personal Aviation and Replace Your Car

For millennia humanity has dreamed about the skies, but only for the past few centuries have we been able to explore the flight. Yes, we have planes casually crossing the oceans, we have reached the vast infinity of space, but we are still not at the point of where science fiction has been taking us.

Our roads are getting extremely overcrowded, so maybe the time has come for the cars to fly and hoverboards, passenger drones, iron man suits and spaceships to replace outdated ground transport?

Engineers strongly agree with this idea and work hard on bringing the skies closer to us, today we will be showing you the latest inventions in the world of personal and public air transportation, that will be reshaping the way we travel in the nearest future.

Vehicles featured in this video:

Hybrid AeroMobil 4.0: www.aeromobil.com/flying-car/

The newly revealed AeroMobil 4.0 looks way more like a finished product, than the 2014 3.0 prototype, and the fact that the small company got attention of big players in the aerospace and automotive industries is a clear indication of the right direction.

Daedalus: gravity.co

The prototype of the first human propulsion flight system is called Daedalus, and it is powered by 6 jet engines with two mounted on each arm and another two on the waist.

Flyboard Air: zapata.com/air-products/flyboardair

The Flyboard Air is personal aviation hoverboard that develops 87 mph speed and can be flown at 492 feet.

Scorpion 3 hoverbike: www.hoversurf.com/scorpion-3

Scorpion 3 is one-seat all-electric vehicle that combines motorcycle, drone, and quadcopter technologies. It price starts at $59,900 and it is already available for pre-order.

Jetman: jetman.com

Jetman Dubai is the company that comes out of vision of the Swiss extreme sports enthusiast and inventor Yves Rossy and his companion Vince Reffet and it manufactures the Jetman system.

BFR from SpaceX: spacex.com/mars

Elon Musk undoubtedly has the craziest ideas about the future of transportation. He is willing to ensure that travelling to any destination on Earth takes one hour at most. How? He will fly you out to the orbit on a Big Freaking Rocket and land on the other side of the globe.

Pop.Up: italdesign.it/project/popup

Simply put this hybrid vehicle is a taxi cab that can seamlessly switch between the road, the sky and tracks. Pop.Up is currently being developed by the big players in the aerospace industry Italdesign and Airbus.

Volocopter: volocopter.com/de

Volocopter is powered by independent electric motors, 9 batteries and 18 rotors ensured flying capabilities. In 2017 the company came up with the second generation vehicle called X2, that has also been approved as an ultralight aircraft in Germany.

Ehang 184: ehang.com/ehang184

The news about the Autonomous Aerial Vehicle from China Ehang 184 had surfaced for the first time in 2016 at the CES in Las Vegas, but at that moment the world met the newcomer with skepticism. However, the recently revealed footage of the first test flights proves that Ehang is not a joke.

Vahana Airbus: www.airbus-sv.com/projects/1

Vahana airbus is a self-piloted all-electric VTOL aircraft that is aimed to become the flying taxing on the market.

Lilium Jet: lilium.com/

Lilium Jet is an all-electric VTOL 5-seater aircraft that was designed to become an air taxi of the future. It has a capsule-like body and 186 mph cruising speed.

Terrafugia TF-X: terrafugia.com/tf-x

Terrafugia is a US based company headquartered in Boston that is famous for developing the first fully-autonomous flying car under the name Terrafugia TF-X.


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