Crypto Leaders Suing Google? – CryptoCurrency VS Twitter Google and Facebook! – Crypto News

Crypto leaders looking to sue Facebook, Google and Twitter for CryptoCurrency AD ban! Crypto News!
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  1. All I know is I can finally afford a descent video card. Someone is definitely going on eBay has been innodated by mining rigs for sale

  2. Ridiculous lawsuit if crypto can only survive if facebook and Google show their ads. How did bitcoin survive its 2013 crash.LTC:MCTLKVUkPRDFyrAQyfbbQ1DvD5LnJffm5Q

  3. I don't think it matters whether or not social media giants allow ads or not. It may be a bump in the road, but crypto will grow either way.


  4. I'm glad someone is going after the advertisement bans, even if they are just in it for the legal fees. We need to show institutions that Bank Fees and barring advertisements are just delaying the inevitable M9BotzExGsaCcqZbAgAZAEcUsB1ZrGq6kn

  5. Facebook should be banned, it has no reason to excist. Everybody should cancel their positions in facebook then watch it go down the drain

  6. I invested experimentally in early Feb. TRX and FUN. I was pleased to see TRX gaining a little ground while almost everything else was going downhill. I believe the bans have restricted TRX’s potential along with many others. Whether or not big businesses and banks like it, the future of commerce is inevitably going to be digital. I doubt I will be a long term investor, but I would like to see a decent return or at the very least, break even. LhHtTGWVGyxoiH2WKeaSDC2GZFdwJAUsdv

  7. I hate when a banker says don't invest in Crypto invest in business well most people that invest in Crypto don't have the money to invest in a business and get noticeable return but if one of the Crypto coins that I hold goes to the moon I am then in a position to invest in a business so it's kinda a stepping stone

  8. All of these companies are scared, they don't want you to be private, they want your privacy!
    Great video though! Thanks for the news, as always.


  9. Really hoping for a bull run soon. I think taking down crypto ads has brought down the market and I hate it!!

  10. Ouch… watching while the market is tanking. Hopefully by next video it’s looking greener

    LTC: LWrkGYM42j4di56NKiDxtpsSB1TNVdpxNV

  11. I will be glad when all of this FUD is over so we can begin to go back up. I don't think anyone really cares to much about the banning of the crypto adds because as soon as Bitcoin begins to rise again these same companies will be figure out ways to change these bans. LR2ggRav2EzroDbBqQ3LPmGSuU9GgyPeTb

  12. The process will last for quite some time, if it will ever start, but it's anyway a sign that things start to move in the right direction…


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