Surviving Mars Review

Surviving Mars reviewed by TJ Hafer on PC. Also available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Watch more trailers here!…


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  1. I don't think this guy understands the genre… I mean, god bless 'im he's trying but seriously IGN, do you just not have enough people working there? Don't you have people familiar with this stuff?

  2. I guess this dude didn't know about the hints that literally explain every building and gameplay mechanic? This game doesn't just "dump" you, there is a fairly nice tutorial if you select the 'Easy Start' that gives you the basic run-down of how this game operates. This is a city-builder/STRATEGY game, it's supposed to be challenging!

  3. you gave this mediocre indie sim builder the same score as an epic beautiful triple A masterpiece…the jokes dont stop with you guys. you might as well stop reviewing because no one takes in account what you morons think any more

  4. Humans? At first yes but when the first child is born (or cloned or grown) they will be Martians. At that point, why should Martians live like humans?

  5. you dont need tutorial. you just have to read: maintaince required.something required. your strongest weapon is your brain. reading = power, Hafer. good luck

  6. TJ Hafer, why do you need your hand held to play a city builder? IGN, if you're going to do a review on games like this get someone that understands these types of games. Before you comment rewatch your own video game from the user's perspective. Wet grass had more personality than this.

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