10 All-New Sports Cars to Go on Sale in 2018-2019

If 2017 felt slow and sluggish for you in terms of sports cars, you should get excited about the 2018 that prepares a whole bunch of newly built automobiles that will take your adrenaline levels to new heights. We have gathered for you the most interesting representatives out of these newcomers, that arrive with new powerful engines, updated faces and high tech. But do not get upset, if your number one car didn’t make it to this list, be sure that in 2018 it will get at least a number of new body colors and some advancements in the infotainment system.
Here is the list of sports automobiles presented in this video. Follow the links to learn more about your favorite vehicles:

1) TVR Griffith: tvr.co.uk/
2) Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio: alfaromeo.co.uk/models/giulia-quadrifoglio#_
3) Audi TT RS Coupe: audi.co.uk/new-cars/tt/tt-rs-coupe-and-roadster.html
4) Lexus LC 500h (hybrid): lexus.com/models/LC/specifications/lc-500h
5) Hyundai i30N: hyundai.com/worldwide/en/cars/i30/highlights
6) Nissan 370Z Heritage Edition: nissannews.com/en-US/nissan/usa/releases/2018-nissan-370z-heritage-edition-previewed-at-new-york-international-auto-show
7) Kia Stinger GT: kia.com/us/en/content/vehicles/upcoming-vehicles/2018-stinger
8) Jaguar 2018 F‑TYPE: jaguarusa.com/all-models/f-type/index.html
9) Alpine A110: media.renault.com/global/en-gb/alpine/mediacentre/pressreleases.aspx
10) Vauxhall VXR8 GTS-R: vauxhall.co.uk/
11) Maserati Gran Turismo: maserati.com/maserati/international/en/models/granturismo


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  1. I wonder why engineers don't design low cost cars smiliar to ferrari, whatever power train is just design front and rear like ferrari then see how millions would buy. One change can bring revolution. If were engineer I would have done year ago. Just one simple thing put ferrari like body on simple chassis you are done

  2. Yawn … if it ain't got ludicrous speed acceleration AND auto-pilot, then I'm not interested. It's 2018 … get with the times.

  3. KIA stinger better than the Alpha quadraaphpaghoolia in my opinion

    and if you buy that vauxhall/holden piece of junk. you will waste 100 grand seriously buy top end hookers for a week. much more fun

    a lot of cars in here are being stretched out I feel. car companies need to refresh most of their lines as they are all feeling old

  4. that lexus is ALMOST there for being a nice car. just some POV depending the rear and rear quarter looks really bad. they finally managed to make that ugly grill look good. until now its been poorly implemented.
    Engine wise really disappointing. 300hp V8 for a top end car. not enough. I know it has hybrid.
    but it needs 500+ hybrid for something that nice. its got a lot of styling from the LFA. its just the way the back integrates looks terrible. the front. front quarter and then the rear it starts getting bad in the looks. and engine dept. hoping it has a high performance option with more engine.
    also seen this pic of a GTR version looks SWEET
    621hp biturbo, and LFA type assembly. meaning lots of carbon hopefully https://gocar.be/nl/autonieuws/dream-cars/Lexus-LC-F-krijgt-biturbo-V8-11403302

  5. Good work!!!? amazing and super nice video
    only you are sharing something new on net
    after watching your video i subscribed
    your amazing chann

  6. I got to just over 5 minutes and didn’t hear a single exhaust note. Of course, the beauty is emotive too, but the howl of a wonderful engine is the dogs danglies for me. Please, no generic synth…..

  7. sorry but the 370Z should go back to its roots as far as design goes, I hate that new look they put, its crap. should do like what Dodge did with Challenger, or Chevy with the Camero, bring back that old Datsun Z car look to give it nostalgia for buyers but have a modern twist to it. GUARANTEE Nissan would sell big time if they did that.

  8. Saw lexus LC 500 parked on the street last week… Its just stunning gorgeous. I also like that its not overpriced for that design n performance

  9. To honor the 370Z, they made a bone stock base model with an unlikable paint job. If it was a loaded touring model and had different paint options, it would be much more alluring. Its a shame Nissan doesn't show the Z line more love these days.

  10. The Vauxhall VXR8 GTS-R was not 'created' by Vauxhall and therefore is not "the most powerful vehicle created by the company during its 114-year history"; it would have taken very little effort in research for Automotive Territory (AT) to discover that. The truth is that the VXR8 GTS-R was 'created' by Holden Automotive in Australia and rebadged by General Motors to be sold as a Vauxhall in the British market; and for the record, Holden and it's affiliate 'Wilkinshaw – Holden Special Vehicles' in Victoria, Australia has created, produced and sold much, much more powerful cars than the aforementioned 'VXR8', for example – the 2017 W557 (sedan) at just under 750 horse-power which is 557kW/930Nm; in fact, the Holden W557 is more powerful than a Ferrari F12 (545kW/690Nm), Lamborghini Aventador (515kW/690Nm) or Rolls-Royce Wraith (465kW/800Nm). 😉

  11. 50K Kia… I have to admit they are about 15K cheaper than a new Audi S4. But not sure they really would outperform an S4 or S3 on the road. I would rather buy a Audi RS3.

  12. @ Milo Hajek : I think this Mercedes will beat them all, and it's available now, technically it's been available for a few decades already, check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NC7TcYBXeBc&t 4 cylinders 2.5l , 400hp, 960kg
    & the super sport car : https://youtu.be/zodehk-23s0?list=FLI-wlpmXbeiaQjltQpyLGMg&t=113
    V8, 3.5L, 550HP, 850kg

    Can we have the familly version 170hp 3cylinders 1100kg electronically limited at 160km/h ? xD

    The new one you show us, weight to much, 1680-1800kg?
    Sorry for the joke… XD

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