The State of Bezels! (2018)

The notch vs the future of smartphone design. Under-glass fingerprint reader: Vivo Apex Concept Phone: TechnoBuffalo LG G7 concept…


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. I like the bezel because it protect my phone screen when i drop it on the floor and it allow me to hold the phone comfortably. W should get rid of the IPhone notch and Samsung Infinity screen. I am also missing the removable battery that allow me to change my battery easily when I carry my phone and carry extra battery with my phone. I dont care about wireless charging. I also really like my SD card slot. There is no need to remove the headphone jack, wireless music use to much of the battery.

  2. How about you hide the FF camera until you're ready to use it.
    It will still be at the front but hidden under the glass like a two way mirror.

  3. Do anybody ever think that the way to change the front camera is by make the back glass into a mirror and capture the photo with the rear camera . Idk it might work

  4. Just a new way to get the idiot masses to buy new phones. Every year they have to come up with something "innovative" and even though I don't remember anyone complaining about the size of bezels, now all of the sudden bezels = evil. Before it was get the phones thinner and thinner until they couldn't get any thinner and than it was get the screens bigger and bigger and now its get rid of the bezels. The fashion industry has been doing this for decades. They call it style but it's really a way to sell more products and say, hey look we changed it so get rid of your old ugly large bezel phone and buy this shiny new gadget instead. And everyone buys it hook line and sinker.

  5. Nobody wish for the useless bezel-less trend.The bezels is fine with some useful feature on it(front speaker, fingerprint sensor).

  6. Notches are like dicks. You buy a dick when you have a notched phone.
    Miss me with that gay shit ??

  7. I absolutely hate the notch both on the iPhone as well as the essential phone. Samsung's looks much better and less distracting. Like if you agree

  8. There is a chicken and egg issue here. Who are “we” who are doing the “coveting”? It seems to me that the real “we” are being driven too hard by the critics who have to find something new to say about smartphones. The exaggerated language used by some critics to say that a photo is “terrible” when I can’t see the problem, and when the screen is less than 85% it’s a failure. I’m looking for a sense of proportion here.

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  10. I have an idea…. You know the old Oppo N3? Just do that but put a small screen in the rotating bit so it will be full when the camera is at the back

  11. I dont hate bezels.. i use to have HTC one m7, and i like a lot the fact that it had speakers up and down and in front of the person whos watching, not on the sides.. also today on the google pixel, and i still dont care about bezels, i mean its not that important just the market make us believe it is..

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