This New Smartphone Is NOT What It Looks Like…

The Asus Zenfone 5 was just announced. Here’s an exclusive unboxing of the latest Asus smartphone. The Zenfone will come in three versions, the 5, 5z and 5 Lite. The Zenfone 5 will likely represent…


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  1. Also I hate how everyone follows Apple with bad design like the stupid notch. Why do manufacturers not listen to us and instead just copy Apple? Ugh…

  2. After seeing how good they updated their high end ZenPhone series the past 2 years this is looking really enticing while I'm waiting for the upcoming Pixel 3 & new OnePlus whenever it ends up dropping. ?

  3. First, I am not a Chinese.
    I knew a cellphone come from China call "Vivo X21"
    I think is included this and the best is it has home button (also touch ID) in screen.

    Hope you can have interest and unbox it.

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