Top 5 Android P Features!

An early look at the next version of Android… It better be called Android Peppermint. AndroidPolice post:…


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. First Android update I am completely and utterly disappointed at. Everything they did to notification center, miss me with that gay/apple shit. I am sticking to 8.1 hope they come to senses.

  2. I would say that youtubers should start optimizing videos for the future 18:9 format… I mean putting pictures more in the middle and onscreen text more to the center 🙂

  3. What`s wrong with you, Marques?! You`re a fan of this "shite"?
    1. Clock position is changed. Why???!
    2. Blue rounded toggles look obsolete like in older Android versions
    3. Long press on toggles to expand more wifi network options must be back!
    4. Volume controls are way too small! What if you wanna adjust the volume by sliding with your finger?!
    5. The view of connected devices in the volume control shade. WTF Google?! Is it logical?
    6. The settings menu`s different colored icons look like Samsung`s kindergarten menu.
    7. Notch support. Well, I think it`s shite, too. But I guess you can`t avoid it nowadays.

    The positive ones I think are:
    1. Forced rotation unlock
    2. Screenshot mark-ups
    3. Battery saving mode from 70%
    4. Zoom lens of text selection
    5. Toggling off of mic and camera for background apps

    I think I`m gonna stay on Oreo cause I like it better than this bullshit. If you guys still have the 7th Android you`d better stay on it!

  4. Android Pringles, Peppermint, Popsicle, Popcorn, Pancake, Pizza and maybe others, i think Peppermint Popsicle or Pancake because usually the android names are sweet snacks

  5. Menu that has rounded icons and colors to differentiate between the categories…exactly what I've had on Samsung lol

  6. lock down mode can be used to keep law enforcement from forcing you to unlock your phone using your fingerprint or face.

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