The United States Government Loves CryptoCurrency? – Crypto Market – CryptoCurrency News

The United States is actually behind cryptocurrency? They appear bullish on Crypto! Cryptocurrency News!
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  1. Yes e-coin is bad. I think the government doesn't fully understand crypto like 80% of the world but eventually they will!!!


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  3. Finally some positive talking about crypto! We need as much good media coverage as possible to expose the market to new potential investors! I hope the ASIA learn from the American government and gives crypto a chance instead of banning it right away! GO CRYPTO!


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  5. We appreciate all your work and information you are helping to drive Young and old to cryto


  6. It’s awesome that the “Man” is looking at the crypto space as a serious thing instead of being afraid of it!


  7. You know in the US the government will get in to it when there is money involved Tax this is a must and they will have Fed Coin coming soon But we will stand better more money will go in to crytocurrency… 1FRQW3E6ExUtQnSUSBrRPmbmG1XCFKGRfj

  8. Hey Hey Hey….. So i missed out on buying some LTC for £80 but FOMO is a terrible thing but i think one or 2 minor dips then…..Then… we'll have to hold on to our hats haha……HODL!!!

    ETH 0xf02404e8B287E6b212bEEb2Cd9D056d3369F9F41

    Cheers dude keep up the good videos

  9. The government is starting to get behind it and with that a lot more of the general population.


  10. is anyone else worried about Substratum. theyre project is awesome, but im losing confidence they can actually deliver!

  11. I don't really mind seeing seas of red as I believe its gives small investors the best chance to get in and make some money. Big investors already in will eventually get their investment+gains back and everyone is happy.

  12. It's nice to see a little bounce back but I have a feeling we will be here for a little longer. I'd prefer to see it find a steady floor first and then rise slowly and build real strength rather than blast up fast again. Long term greatness!!!! It will be important for the government to find a way to work with crypto because it will be tough to control it and only hurt in the long run.

  13. I so appreciate this channel! getting into crypto hard lately and always look for guidance. Bitcoin address: 1CD55gaPDyfwEWZmQgxLxfaDw5jPKHb5cn

  14. u should at least have a 2-3 year game plan and be prepared for the market to be slow for atleast till the end of this month. just be patient and buy the project and not the hype

    BTC :1DEigxxyWuEsaoKvqy4ejc5cWDQRxZ1Ba5

  15. With the government not being so strict on crypto maybe this will get more investors involved because they will feel safer.

  16. I've been sitting on the sidelines for about a month. I'm planing to invest crypto when it begins to recover. Thank you for your insight into the market. I'm hoping to ride it up the next bull trend.
    I think it is extremely important to note that relationships are driving policy. We all need to be speaking good of crypto currency to our friends. They will talk with others who will share it with others. This has the potential to be a financial revolution.


  17. 1Kx4gQ5ScdPzXmPLJ5cHxVbN3YWyjd8bTp

    Markets still got more bleeding to do but hopefully it'll begin to pick up sometime soon. We can only hope the market will rise soon enough

  18. the government is in the business of making money. there is way too much potential in crypto for them to stop it. everybody wins

  19. So the govt thinks positively of the crypto market.very good to know that.certainly it will attract more buyers. Good for the crypto market


  20. That's a huge relief coz some govts are declaring it as illegal stuff.definitely gonna attract more people towards crypto


  21. Wow…this is actually surprising that the government just didn't trash cryptos as usual. Gives me hope that the market may grow bigger sooner than we expect. Anything that isn't more FUD is refreshing.


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