Smartphone speed test: Google Pixel vs iPhone 7 vs Samsung S7 vs HTC 10 vs Sony Xperia XZ vs LG G5

It’s the second part of our ultimate smart phone versus! In this video we’re pitting six of the best smartphones against each other in terms of speed to see which is the fastest. Rendering…


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  1. You video is bullshit most normal won't have all those apps open and really putting the phone through those paces. Most 2-3 apps open. Unless you are a hardcore user which most people are not. Most of these smart do have good speeds but when your doing this type of test you are being bias towards certain brands

  2. @TechRadar Also, you need to remind people of your experiment setup / controls like this guy did: watch?v=b5wUQKr43vo Screen settings and brightness, data settings (airplane mode?), etc.

  3. @TechRadar Now I see why everyone hated the battery test…cause the iPhone was DEAD last . goddamn Apple fanboys had their confidence destroyed. I still love using my iPhone, Macbook Pro, iPad, etc. but i just want the info. If you made more tests where the iPhone happened to lose, a ton of people would ask you not to do the test. That's super fucking lame. Just show us what actually performs best and worst in every category, including internet, startup and battery.

  4. @TechRadar don't DROP internet and startup…wtf just do them separate or do the other tests in addition. Those are still technically significant, although startup is less important because we don't turn phones off today.

  5. the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge probably has the exynos chip so that's why it got 3rd place because the HTC 10 would be able to destroy the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge with the Qualcomm

  6. Clearly iPhone is still the best phone in the world this phone has been proven to be faster than the galaxy s 8 iPhone 8 will destroy Samsung apple has the best selling phone on 6 continents

  7. Not buying. this because the HTC 10 is faster than the galaxy s7. One thing people need to take into account when looking at this comparison is that the HTC 10 and s7 are both older phones compared to the iPhone 7. IPhone pauses background applications to focus on the task at hand, whil android phones continue executing code. So all those pages and applications being opened are all still running in the background on the Android phones.

  8. Big fan of android but that iphone crushed every single of these phones. Lets not talk about optimization and stuff, this is how we are going to buy these phones its realistic.

  9. Low intensity apps: Androids win because although they have don't have as much speed as the iPhone they have enough to get through light apps with the significantly shorter animations.

    High intensity apps: iPhone wins simply because of pure speed.

  10. هههههههههه ان كنت لا تحب lg فلا تضعه بمنافستك التي تريد فيها فوز iphone…

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