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VoskCoin brings you a cryptocurrency news update covering how CNBC is pumping Bitcoin, why you shouldn’t buy or mine Litecoin, ZenCash rebrand to Horizen, Loki service node testnet is live, and the “anteater” Bitcoin ASIC miners using hydro powered farm in NY!

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CNBC Fast Money literally. . pumping BTC –
TradingView Bitcoin BTC chart analysis –
Charlie Lee says he won’t buy back LTC –
ZenCash rebrands to Horizen Global –
Loki Network Coin Service Nodes testnet –
Loki Network has GitHub activity pulse –
Iran launching state backed crypto coin –
NY Hydroelectric Dam turned into BTC Farm –
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Superminer AntEater BTC Miner (BEWARE) –

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  1. All them icos selling off to survive wish they had sold and made sure ltc has years of runway…….Charlie's wife no one ask if he sold her litecoin……..

  2. Nice informative details ,But still haven’t seen a good and reliable mining system to Mr Joseph's mining pool system and way of generating new Bitcoin (satoshi).

  3. You don't need a separate Secure Node tutorial for ZEN. I followed the Super Node tutorial to setup my Secure Node. The only differences are which VPS you choose, maybe the virtual memory settings, question 1 when you run node setup.js, and the amount of ZEN you deposit to the wallet.

  4. vitalik needs to remember the price for a man that does not keep his word. That's correct, he gets his azz kicked. With any hope Vitalik took a big hit with the down turn of ETH. If Waltonchain is to be the new ETH then it needs to hurry up and drown big heads project.

  5. Mentioning of eth. Have a lot of you visited their subreddit? They don't give me the feeling they have any idea which way to go. They have a group that wants to basically break miners because they think it will lower the inflation and pump the price of their bags. Without all of the erc20 hype I've started scratching my chin and asking myself, what's going to drive this thing in the future? More importantly what's going to drive it harder than Bitcoin? I'm drawing a bunch of zeros personally

  6. Hi Vosk,
    I keep seeing things on the internet about Ethereum and how there are various uncertainties concerning mining.
    I'd love it if you would consider making a video about the whole things top to bottom as I only seem to be able to find lose pieces of information here and there on the topic.
    Congratulations on growing Vosk into such an amazing channel!

  7. i think nicehash is conning the fuck out of there customers bitcoin and eth have gone up a decent amount and we are still earning only
    $0.75 cents (canadian) a day for one RX570 thats bullshit

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