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  1. The best phone now August 2018 for Nice price always complain about the screen bezel and more. It is a good phone by a real camera then. Tis a mobiel not a cam.

  2. Yes indeed this is funny. Samsung and Apple steal people's money by washing their minds with options not worth these very expensive prices.
    Nokia still respects the customer

  3. Apple's iphones were pretty much the same with low quality of everything and outdated specs until the iphone X which Samsung played a very big part in.

  4. What do you want? Bloody oversaturated comforting lie and bright images? Taking the pic of a black dog and the dog becomes yellowish white? Yeah that is what you need and deserve go and buy overpriced and so called value for money Samsung products who will apply butter under your feet. For 30000 bucks we get proper saturated and a phone with unbelievable strong body. You people Cannot cope with the real colours as you all were till now we're in the planet of oversaturation and bright colours keeping the real thing on stake. And what's with the bessels? What do you need Hugh? Some fucking shit with only glass on it? And know what? Keeping bessels makes the mobile a bit more immune to not breaking the glass easily.

  5. After using iPhone, I will not consider ANY phone that does not have a 1080p 60fps mode with at least EIS. Any phone that states near flagship features but does not have this is a total waste of money in 2018…..

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