10 All-Electric Cars on Sale in USA: Reviewing Most Affordable Models of 2018

Whenever electric cars become a topic of conversation, people inevitably bring up the topic of their high prices and short range. However, we are convinced that 100 miles on a single charge is a rather decent range for daily commute, and the price as low as 15-20 thousand dollars after government incentives is rather affordable. In this episode, we will be showing you the lineup of the most affordable electric cars that are on sale in 2018. Even if you are not shopping for one, maybe you will still be interested to learn that the prices are indeed coming down and with the overall savings on gasoline and maintenance, they are becoming rather interesting eco-friendly buying options for drivers around the world.

Here is the list of cars presented in this video:
Sondors Electric Car goo.gl/XszHuj
Electra Meccanica Solo: goo.gl/eCf1vc
Smart Fortwo ED: goo.gl/qWd4PH
Ford Focus Electric: goo.gl/JP6fJ3
Hyundai Ioniq: goo.gl/GyzYW1
2018 Nissan Leaf 2.0: goo.gl/3AdZ7j
Volkswagen eGolf: goo.gl/WYWsGd
Fiat 500e: goo.gl/JuMGGN
2018 Soul EV: goo.gl/9NwA84
Tesa Model 3: goo.gl/4U9gYJ
Chevrolet Bolt: goo.gl/gNs5bi

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  1. Do you agree with us that electric cars are getting closer to becoming affordable? Do not forget that all of them qualify for $7,500 tax cut in the US, plus you will have lifetime savings on gasoline and maintenance. Share your opinions in the comments section!

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