Spending $10,000 on Crypto! – Which CryptoCurrency is a Good Buy? – Top Altcoins

Let’s buy $10,000 worth of cryptocurrency! Which crypto is a good buy? Top Altcoins right now!
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  1. Qash!
    Soon the Liquid Platform will launch and will take a lot of people by surprise!

    World Book coming in April 6th 2018.
    Full Liquid Platform launching May 31th 2018.

    Full working Products!

    I launched an Unofficial Liquid Platform Channel to give a short introduction about Qash, World Book and the Liquid Platform.

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    If you are a Crypto Investor you should be at least a little bit informed about the project and product.

  2. Very nice stream. I liked it. I have a suggestion to make for everyone reading this comment. DIWtoken is worth the research. Its about a decentralized platform of security. Worth checking out.

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  4. I have been accumulating $EOS. Great project with a lot of upside in 2018. Nice pick! Two others that I have invested in have been :
    $PPP – their risk score algorithm is already being sought after by other coins which is being used for SME-lending

    $DGPT – digital inheritance service. Beta release is out and solves a real crypto-problem of protecting your assets

    Would love to hear your take on these two in particular! Thanks

  5. Take a look on DeepOnion sir, I made some researched about it and I think its really a good project , Many developments also they already released some new features.

  6. Should I buy one full BTC or spread it out into Alts. I have no BTC and already heavily invested into alts, but some I could better my positions in..

  7. Nice video, thanks for sharing. Smashed the like button for you!

    If you are looking for a way to get some crypto without investing or mining, look into https://www.crowdholding.com. They a co-creation platform where you get crypto for your feedback and ideas. It's free and i would recommend it to anyone.

  8. I dont know im not an expert ive watched alot of these youtubers for last 6mths always wrong just always saying its due to rise rise is see huge manipulation and people with massive holding driving it down and there is no interest from the masses anyone i talk to and i meet hundreds people a day dont know anything on crypto or are very wary of crypto i hope it goes down actually but i am very excited on crypto future sorry if i talk bit arrogant on yr vid but thats my opinion i want it to stay down actually so im fifty fifty as alot of the sceptic or they say r sceptics publicly have been correct on there predictions thanks for your replies i do enjoy yr vids alot and others on youtube but its mostly just ohh its going up very soon bla bla

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  10. MY TOP 5:
    please more New Infos 😉

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    THX from Switzerland

  11. Great videos, keep it up. Recommendation for a new video: Coins in the top 10 that you do not hold and why? Thanks again…. LPeMiNePWUtuBNH3ePx7Mpg3FPinwSXPRX

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