Do eSports Belong on ESPN? (CoD, CSGO, and League of Legends Commentary)

JDodd1:–GAMrH0KqF1w Original video: Do eSports belong on ESPN? That is the question that I explore in…


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  1. hey Drift, you think you can send me your sources/bibliography from this video? I'm kinda writing a tiny paper for college with a similair topic so I could use it^^

  2. I never felt that it needs to be broadcasted on television because most gamers (or how I feel that most gamers) tend to like just being to hop on their phone their laptop because it's more convenient. But I think I'm wrong probably.

  3. Did you really just say the World Cup only gets 30 million views? Did you even search up facts? The World Cup got 715.2 million viewers at once you can't be this idiotic to say a VIDEO GAME got close viewership to an international sport

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