TechRadar Phone Awards 2014 trailer

The TechRadar Phone Awards kick off tonight. Who’ll be the winners of this year’s event…? For more info, head over to


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  1. If you do the best phone on in October the iPhone will win, that has always been the trend with "Best phone" awards, end of each year the new iPhone has won, mid-way through the year another brand has won.

  2. Best innovation: Touch ID <best fingerprint scanner which lead the market>
    Best Apps: Spotify <Free music, why not?>
    Best budget tablet: Nexus 7 (2013) <Good design and smooth with low price>
    Best budget phone: Moto G <smooth and acceptable battery life>Β 
    Best Tablet: iPad Air <Light and great design>
    Best phone: HTC One (M8) <Awesome design>
    *My list only*

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