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  1. MY Favorite movie is Life, Not the move, actually Life itself, from Silent Hill 3, To the Hills have eyes and you have the reason why, Welcome to Jamrock

  2. Im playing this game is ok but i can get in to the story is so boring not interesting hope get better next mission. Dying light got me from the beginning but this is not.

  3. The visual issues?? Thats your only issue?! LOL.. this game DOESN'T autosave!!! I finished the exodus mission and was trying to get back to Sinamoi. That's another thing is travelling go destinations is really confusing and zombies appear EVERYWHERE and Then when I try to get back (because FAST TRAVEL SOMEHOW WON'T WORK) i get ambushed by loads of zombies, die and it loads my checkpoint to a stupid point and I have go do it all over again. This has occured three times now. It IS an addictive game but these issues are making me not want to play lol smh

  4. this game gets better when you mod weapons on PC. coding katanas to explode heads instead of chopping off arms, making a shotgun implode enemy's and making them fly. dead island is so good. and because of funky physics and gravity it allows more funny glitches and body spasms

  5. Finished this game back in 2012 and didnt really like it but restartd and its prob my fav game atm! I'll have to try Riptide next.

  6. I would rate this game a 7/10. It has addicting and fun gamplay but u can beat some quests by just running away. The story is meh. At first, its a bunch of fetch quests, but the story kicks in. If u dont care about the story, and love addicting gameplay, dead island it is!

  7. Atleast IGN isn't saying anything bad about it, I mean I'm with them that the opening is flat, because all it is, is just short, a simple thing, some World Class singer who's fans just want to have him repeat his same song over and over again, this game has it's aspecs in the opening that is just plain stupid, however the one thing I liked was the zombie apokolypse was about to start, with the Kuru virus about to start mutating people, controling their mind's, and more. So yes the person who was walking in, didn't notice, yes the singer and also a zombie run up to the SINGER?! Wait, that doesn't make sense. Hmmm…..Dude I don't remember this game, I mean I didn't look at it and understand it that much or fully, so yes that's all I know about the opening as said.

  8. IGN gave this a pretty reasonable review. I'm sure not gonna give the game a 10/10, but I do like the graphics, gameplay, and a couple of the characters do have nice voice acting. Purna's voice acting is good and it's a sexy voice lol Logan's okay, I think. Riptide is a lot better, though.. but unreasonably short. I'm looking forward to Dead Island 2.

  9. "Dead Island is one of those games". No…no it's not IGN, Dead Island was a commercial failure, selling 2 million copies (which is great but) received horrible reviews, except for you jackasses, and had more than a 50% return rate, this game was a train wreck, repetitive uninspired gameplay, weird loot system, boring enemies, and dull NPCs, I got this game for free, and STILL HATED IT!

  10. I get the same feeling from this game as I do from Dead Rising 2. just utter, happiness. This is a relaxing game for me like DR2 is and is a must own for anyone.

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