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Is mining bitcoin still worth it? Should you start Bitcoin Mining? CryptoCurrency Mining, is it worth it?
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  1. Great info. I currently mine monero – love the decentralized aspect, currently using 6 rx56's with the 64 modded bios in an asrock btc mobo. After your video you have truly intrigued me, main draw factor is that you can withdraw whenever you want! Thanks for the info, I may hopping on board tonight.

    LTC: LNYseLuo3Lwub7DHiYkcwBXm4tkiEWAiY3

  2. im still not keen about mining lol i would rather invest directly in btc or other coins instead of paying for mining 😀

  3. I don't do mining, but, as far as the balance is positive, it is definitely worth it!


  4. great video, very informative. Im looking forward to invest for the first time this week.

    Carry on with the great work.



    Im mining on hashflare for 1000 TH atm, bought the contract with btc when it was 19k, almost break even in btc amount and contract only ends in december

  6. Great video, watch every week on subscribe! I am currently interested in mining Monero and Ethereum. I believ cryptomining is worth as I am a strong believer in the future of cryptocurrency, and mining has a lot of benefit. Great video! I subscribed and look forward to more and the future of crypto! Should be exciting!
    LTC address: LYJQacKSUNnPAP5LyS71Q96cY3PtSMYQ6s

  7. Bitcoin- God of cryptocurrencies will bounce back. Lightening network update should decrease prices and time of transactions on BTC network. If they deliver it is going to be fantastic and returns in next year or two would be significant. So mining bitcoin is perhaps one of the best investments one can do.


  8. I bought a little hashing power but waiting until I have more BTC from the moon shot! Love the show! LTC: MRADEnuzT2ws56nikvaeSW3tXD8q4BGT4h

  9. Mining sounds interesting but a little scary too. FYI your home mike sounds the best of your studio ones. Stay safe in the storms

  10. Gpu mining zencash making around 2 dollars per day.
    My set up is 2 gtx 1060,1 gtx 970 and 1 960

    But here’s my LTC wallet
    : LR6FUv24G7heAL81F7B1ToNdWbBvcNYChV

  11. It's still better to have bought the Bitcoin, when you started the contract 🙂 Either that or mine on your own hardware and steal the electricity 🙂 I still mine Monero, xmr to be clear cos that could be ambiguous right now 🙂

    LTC: LcEotJ6L5j7KETL6oAqic8mwDtjaw8UmCR

  12. All my trading strategy is based on your videos. Thanks a ton for helping the crypto community to plan their trade.
    LTC : LQNuhe5fnbVgMtQBjUKGdsF43EVoYL4iX2

  13. I just decided to start getting into cryptocurrency about 5 days ago because my buddy convinced me to get on board with the market being so low, and now I can't stop watching your videos. Would love a nice jump start. I started with $100 in BTC, so anymore to work with would be greatly appreciated.
    LTC: MW6m1JQwhvcffY38rti4WG2sY55uZL4HoN

  14. Only experience I have with mining so far is electroneum, but they recently made that a little bit more profitable on their mobile miner.

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