Coinbase Adding Tron? – Will Coinbase Add TRX? – Tron TRX Coinbase CryptoCurrency News

Is Coinbase adding Tron in 2018? Will Coinbase add altcoins like TRX Tron? CryptoCurrency News!
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  1. Дамы и Господа! Сделайте скриншот этого сообщения! Трон поднимется в цене в 100 раз! В противном случае, я могу держать пари, мой последний доллар, я буду вырезать мои собственные gingambobs! Принять участие в их airdrop и не пропустите лодка

  2. SEC just gave the green light for Coins to operate and for Altcoins to become coins or face Scrutiny, nice! Now the institutional money will jump in, safety is there, fraudsters are out. TRON will become a coin on March 31, super nice!!!

  3. I'm not to impressed with Tron at all. I think they have room to mature and grow in the future. I would think coin base would go with Cardano and Stellar if anything. I don't hold any of these coins at all. However it simply makes more sense to me.

  4. There is interesting ICO under the name TokenGo. The company favourably differs in interesting decisions on a background of other ICO. On the essence developers represent the project on creation of ICO and cryptocurrencies without knowledge of programming and difficult diagrams. All is very simple and transparent, the personal office very convenient and is permanently filled with a new functionality. In the telegram there is the active discussion of the project, the audience is permanently replenished.

  5. It wouldn't make sense for Coinbase to add a Token. Coinbase only has Coins on their platform. Stellar will be added for sure however.

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