10 Extreme Watercraft and Sea Transport Inventions for Fun Summer Adventures

The winter is over so the time has come to plan your summer vacation. And what is a better place to spend those sunny days than by the sea? But since water is not humanity’s major stratum, we still need vehicles to conquer vast horizons of the blue.

In this episode we collected the most unique boats, catamarans, yachts and even personal submarines that will allow you to experience the water world like you’ve never imagined before, so get ready to have your ideas about boating shattered forever with our top ten list of amazing watercraft!

Summer vehicles featured in this video:

Glider Yacht Super Sports SS18: glideryachts.com/supersports

The current production model from Glider yachts, SS18, can travel at the speed of 65 mph, but there is also a hypersports trim that can go over 110 mph.

Bruce 22: electricboats.ca/en/bruce-22-electric-boat

The Canadian Electric Boat Company is among the pioneers of fast forwarding marine transportation into the future by designing fully electric boats. At the moment, their Bruce 22 is the world’s fastest production electric boat with 41 mph top speed.

Seabreacher: seabreacher.com

Seabreacher is one of the most amazing recreational boats on today’s market that has been developed over ten years, that combines safety, stability and can endure continuous punishment of the marine environment.

Kormaran K7: kormaran.online

She is one of the most technologically advanced boats ever built, suitable for the Agent 007. In order to adjust to any situation, Kormaran can transform with a push of a button into various forms.

Mako Slingshot Jetboard: makoboardsports.com/board

This super compact motorized wakeboard, named after the Maco shark, redefines water activities and brings surfing to places with no waves.

Lift Foils: liftfoils.com

The hydrofoil watercraft technology has experienced quite a boost in the recent years with the introduction of electric propulsion. Among the already existing commercial projects we have to point out the recent newcomer electric-powered hydrofoil surfboard Lift eFoil.

Manta5 Pedal-Electric Hydrofoil: manta5.com

Manta5 Pedal-Electric Hydrofoil is the world’s one and only aquatic equivalent of a regular pedal-assist electric bicycle and allows its rider to lightly skim over the surface of any water body.

The Undersea Aquahoverer: www.hammacher.com/product/12800

The Undersea Aquahoverer is a personal use submarine that requires no ballast adjustment or drop-weight management and is as easy to operate as a car.

Hydros HYX: www.hydros.ch/en/hydros-innovation/applications/item/cas-n3-hyx.html

New HY-X from a Swiss manufacturer Hydros is all about extreme design and boosted technology. This unconventional yacht can either motor through water or fly above it.

U-Boat Worx Cruise Sub Series: www.uboatworx.com/series/models?series=47&metrics=2&occ=2&depth=328&weight=35273&height=9.51443571

U-Boat Worx Cruise Sub Series offers 6 models of submersibles that accommodate 5 to 11 people and are capable for submerge to 985-5577 feet under water.


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  1. Image using a sea breacher to wakeboarding or 2 of them to stand and ride them like there's tons of things to do with them. But I wish they have a O2 tank so we can see sea creatures without disturbing them

  2. Although it may not seem like it but the first month of the spring is over and days will only get hotter hinting that summer is right around the corner. What could be better during a hot summer day than spending it by the water? Here are 10 awesome water adventure vehicles that will make any vacation just a little more memorable. Pick your favorites in the comments below.

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