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  1. Dont get in his trap. He likes to trap you to take you in his scam group. Do ask him to show his group for trial. Many people got burned by this guy. He has deleted his previous videos. He has no identity. Bitoconnecttttttttttttttttttttttt. He charge 0.5 to 0.15 BTC per month and sometime offer thats its sale and you can buy for 0.10 for 3 months. Dont be a sheep, Be a Wolf……..

  2. On the one day graphic you can see the price of bitcoin is down very fast. Manipulation.????? The exchange who is working with the mtherfuckers should be banned

  3. Роpular Теlegram сhаnnel whеre AIRDROPs are рublishеd everу day. @airdrop_yes AIRDROР = at nо сost distrеbution оf toкens tо еverуone fr0m diffеrеnt IСО Giving оnlу 2-4 minutеs per daу оn registrаtion in diffеrent AIRDROР it is pоssiblе tо reсеive 200-300 do11ars реr dау

  4. If this guys wouldnt buy from exchanges the prices will not go up and if the price goes up because of us tiny investors they will dump it on our heads because they got it cheaper

  5. There's only 1 percent of the world into cryptocurrency …George and the Roth's would want to pump it now so they can control it's only gonna make a small amount of people rich compared to if ten percent of people was in the market now is the time for them to pump it ..there never gonna get everyone out no matter how low it goes this is the best time for them to pump it …the small amount of people that would get rich would be nothing compared to the rest of the world

  6. After those countries make there own crypto they will push to outlaw all private cryptos. I don't see that development as bullish for the cryptos

  7. I dont understand something… cant the Rockefellers/Soros just buy out all the bitcoin supply and just hold them. Once that is done, there will be little supply available for regular investors to enter as btc price will be too high. This way they can control all the bitcoin and there is no way that bitcoin can be a threat to the banking industry? Id appreciate some clarification.

  8. Gold is good, but Silver will give us more bang for our buck when the market crashes and the SHTF. Why??
    Because the manipulation of Silver prices has been much larger than Gold. The Gold to Silver ratio was around 15 to 1 for hundreds of years…..but since paper derivatives have become legal, that manipulated ratio is about 80 to 1. Gold is being stored mostly, while Silver is being used up in industry (electronics, solar panels, etc) and then tossed when that item is no longer needed any more. Silver is at bargain basement prices right now…..I believe that bubble will burst very soon.

  9. HMMM…..aren't these guys the same guys who lost TONS of money for TONS of investors and got very very rich too??
    Maybe we shouldn't REWARD these guys for doing this kind stuff? Just a thought…

  10. You are right on about The Big Money coming as there seems to be at least two announcements every week. I think Soros is getting in quickly since he knows these spreads and price volatility are a traders dream and he can make bundles before the rest of the big guys jump in and tighten things up. I've always felt the general public will not be part of Bitcoin's growth (assuming its a store of value, digital gold, not a cheap currency – thanks miners!!)) so I wouldn't worry about Soros tying to stop Bitcoin to stop the public getting rich. The public will be buying fractions of it through ETF's and never getting rich.

    Quite frankly, its the relatively small group of people that are on your YouTube page at this moment in history who have any chance of buying 2 – 10 Bitcoins and holding for dear life while the Big Fella's jump in and ram it up to the hundreds of thousands.

  11. Btc to go under 1k the Average Joe and middle-class don't give a s*** about Bitcoin there to worried about making car payments and house payments Bitcoin is dead to the average Joe

  12. Hey Kirby, your crypto content is the most original, fresh, & most interesting of all the other you tubers. If those other guys are the crypto news cartel, then u r El Guapo

  13. Big money will accumulate the real asset in low volume methods (algorithmic HFT) using the OTC market (storing it safely away) while slamming the price down in futures trading to keep prices low on their behalf all to their own advantage…the last thing Big money wants is to alert retail buyers to jump in and drive up the prices…once they saturate market share on the real assets with limited quantity, the price will probably then skyrocket and be far more than retail investors want to pay.

  14. Should I still be investing in bitcoin ? In the long term, I still feel that there is going to be better coin that will be a direct threat to bitcoin itself with increased stability, security, faster transaction, quantum proof, etc. And at the current price point of bitcoin, its impossible to be a millionaire unless you have big pocket to spend. What do you guys think ?

  15. yeauppp!!! im not too happy about the rothchilds, and soros getting in onthis, but we all saw it comming, from the "Econimist" magizine…they pretty much called it….and also the lightining network is a strait up way for the banks to control crypto…sooo BCH!!! FOR MEEEE!!! PEACE AND LOVE EVERRYYYBODYYY!!!!

  16. Whales are good. The ETF will bring mutual fund managers into the game, a huge whale. As for gold, I believe GOLD will tank hard below the 2016 low as the US dollar spikes to 13 to 15-year highs. Afterward, gold will be a safe haven. In the short term, Gold (XAUUSD) will break hearts the same way as bitcoin. Dollar strength is the reason gold can't break out of the triangle. The US dollar run higher is just starting to flex strength. We'll soon see. Charts will lead us.

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