Cyberith Virtualizer + Oculus Rift + Virtual Reality Games Compilation

Watch the Virtualizer being used to play games like Crysis 3, World of Warcraft, Outlast, Affected and others in combination with an Oculus Rift. This video is a game reel, longer versions…


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  1. When is it available for purchase ? I was gonna pre-order an Omni but this is better because of flat surface and most importantly crunching capability which I think omni doesn't have.

  2. one day. this shit is gunna be just like when the n64 or when the ps2 came out. I'm totally gunna get this setup one day. first comes the powerhouse of a PC sadly…

  3. They better have a full gyro-space-immersion pad… Get more active than just running… Like if you were playing Black Ops 3, you could actually slide and jump with the boostertech and a c t u a l l y get some physical activity in recreation… But y'know… Time and technology are in a steady relationship so…

  4. I'll be kirito when Sword Art Online beta is released! Don't you guys put Kirito for your in game name!!!!!! Lol

  5. Think of sword games where you have to move exactly like you'd in real life. Now people are complaining that gamers get too little exercise. Think in the future. This will be awesome.

  6. Still in the prototype stage huh. Its 2015 and you still have to have a handheld device to play video games. Feels like they are suppressing technology. Must wait until they bring out a wireless headset in which you can play one game on like SOA that uses brainwaves to control your character.

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