Nokia 3310 (2017) review: A week with Nokia nostalgia

The new Nokia 3310 set the internet ablaze when it was announced back in February at MWC 2017, but will anyone actually buy this and use it as their main phone? The answer is yes, some people…


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  1. comparing 2000 feature phone facsimile made in 2017 with 2017 smart phone – WHY??? its not like with like!!
    – they made a slot for a micro SD, why not use it instead of complain all the time? dose your android smart phone use a micro sd expansion? (my old Nokia 6230, 2003 ,, had a MMC card and i used it!! )
    — this man managed to get maps on his 3310

  2. Love this parody review wish they would do a real life review lol it’s a Nokia 3310 a nod to the original! He seriously hasn’t got the right frame of mind to review as a “phone” not a phablet plus is under £50 not £500-£800!

  3. I have been using it for phone calls from 5 months ago
    It is really good
    Excellent call quality
    Excellent Bluetooth pairing with my car system.
    Excellent battery life – 3.5 days.

  4. This Nokia is a travel tool and also has a battery life which can be reliable as long as you can , what an exciting property , I am a huge fan of Nokia

  5. I have been thinking of getting a feture phone. The addiction and stress with social media has come to a breaking point for me.

  6. Your a tech reviewer yet are comparing this to a modern smartphone how stupid can you be? Most people who buy this phone will have never used a smartphone or will not use it for emails etc…

  7. Why is he testing browsing and such? Wouldn't the point of this phone be to cut down on smartphone (besides the nostalgia factor)?

  8. People keep saying that the phone is for texting and calls only bai i say that is bullcrap, it is obviously meant for playing snake :D!!!!1!1!11!!111!!!1!!

  9. To go this route I may as well get a Blackberry Bold 9900 or the Classic for a better experience. The Bold for talk and easy texting and the Classic for talk/text and web

  10. I bought one of these and I like to keep my music on my phone. Yes it will do that and even allow a 16 gig card. Thats a fair few 1000 tracks. Yet it wont let you put the into a folder?? You basically get to wade through an unorganised list. Anyone ever came up with a work around as this is the only thing stopping me using this as my main phone.

  11. Fuck you and apps. Show how messages and contacts work and their capacity, are there features like timer, calculator, flashlight, how calendar work, reminder, conversations for sms. Fuck the apps, netfilx, games, photos and shit.

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