Farming for CryptoCurrency? – Crypto Deep Dive – BlockGrain ICO Review

Farming for CryptoCurrency, in this crypto deep dive we take a look at BlockGrain ICO!
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  1. Not really my area of interest but great example of what the future will bring.
    Want to see more of these deep dives not only for the give away ;):p

  2. As an Aussie I’m excited about this project. As someone that works in the logistic space I’m even more excited.


  3. Love this video. Crypto is like grains, it is spread in the field of blockchain and eventually some will grow into full bloom, some wither and dies.

  4. Love your VDO's keep up the great work. how to buy if not on Exchange Platforms, surely this will halt any progress or am I wrong ? ETH – 0xcd4391a889fba6a0f119115c01f1616a6c8108b1

  5. Looks like a great ICO's will be definitely diving into it. ICO's area a great opportunity for a few x in the short term. By the way loving the Crypto Deep Dive section.

    ETH: 0x13564508562d8c9a4a4be4f39e14b8d478c02cbf

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