God Of War Review

God of War is every bit the over-the-top action game you expect, but it’s the story and setting that end up stealing the show. Subscribe to GameSpot! https://www.youtube.com/GameSpot?sub_confirmat…


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  1. The graphics look good, but not "Game of the generation" good.
    It won't take long before we look back and wonder what was so impressive about the way this game looked.
    I'm not even impressed now.

  2. This is why I like sony and decided on the ps4
    I basically like single player games more and sony delivers on that with uncharted 4 , the last of us which are both top level games with excellent story telling and great gameplay and graphical showcases
    I still haven't gotten to play the new assassins creed ( I know it is a multiplatform game ) as I will get it soon and now I have to make room for God of war and on the other side I'm also enjoying Bayonetta 2 and zelda on the switch which both are awesome but I tend to like Bayoneta more than zelda but anyway this seems like the best year for gamers overal
    And for the xbox , I haven't gotten the console yet but the only game on it that I really feel like I'm missing on is gears of war 4

  3. I believe you spoiled some of the game with your footage. Also, you focus way too much on wordy essay-sounding story analysis, and don't mention that the game is actually a linear "open world" title (there's a big difference versus nonlinear open world, like Zelda BOTW); that was important because all reviewers thus far have agreed that the game's structure and pacing enhance rather than hinder it (although you do say that to some effect, I just feel not all nails were hit well enough).

    Also, everyone seems to forget that God OW games were never "old-fashioned" but sought to push the envelope. A decade ago they popularized QTE, presentation and game modes while retaining a combo system that saw many variations in many franchises. Now, God of War 4 does what everything else is doing — embracing multiple genre design paradigm — with an extra sheen of polish and a tad of the typical Kratos flair.

  4. Reviews are all over the board on this one. All seem to agree it's great, but some say story is good, others say it's weak.


  6. I'm LOLing at the salty xbox people. "BUT, MUH SEA OF THIEVES!"

    Full disclosure: I own an xbox one, but it doesn't get used nearly as much as my PS4 these days.

  7. What? No Gods? Really?!?!, All this wait for nothing??, Whats the deal calling it God of War or a Sequel to it If theres no Gods for the God of War to fight for?

  8. I hear either a black dude's or a ghetto white guy's voice coming out of Kratos although to be fair, it's not always obvious. No matter what, it's jarring. Someone should lose their job and credibility over this.

  9. WATCH THIS….NO ONE IS PLAYING HZD OR UNCHARTED ???? Both If them games are dead and that’s the problem HALO 5 and Gears 4 are still going people are still playing

  10. If you can see when they go over the skill tree, you can see the weapons subheading meaning there will be more than just the axe leviathan ? so hyped???

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