ESPN carries eSports, Colin Cowherd Loses His Mind

The “Heroes of the Dorm” tournament was carried by ESPN 2, and Bristol employees immediately started making fun of the affair on social media. Old men shaking their fist at the hip new thing?…


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  1. Here's my question. Doesn't stream most of these big e-sports events for free? And if that's true, why would you want it on cable/satellite? If the NFL commish one day out of the blue said "All NFL games will be streamed online for free!", I Would be ecstatic! , but the Gaming community wants their games on subscription based TV. I mean I get you want the exposure but, it sounds like it has more than enough exposure if 50 million people are watching it. Is there something I'm missing here? Pay TV prices are going through the roof, and cord cutting is becoming more of a thing, so are you sure you want e-sports on these same said services? I know about ESPN3 and such, but I think you still have to pay for TV to access that for he most part.

  2. Some relevant definitions.

    1. An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

    1. physical or mental effort

    physical exertion
    1. physical effort.

    1. work done by the mind or body : energy used to do something

    eSports are, by definition, sports.

  3. "Loses his mind"?

    No, he just ranted about how ridiculous it is and that's it all he did.

    "eSports" is NOT a sport.

    If it were, it would just be called "SPORTS."

    That's all the proof you need. They make up their own term for it because it isn't truly a sport.

    I've been playing video games for 19 of 21 years… I can unbiasedly and unemotionally say it isn't a sport, and as a big sports fan, I find it obnoxious that it would be on ESPN 2.

    I want to see ATHLETES. Not out of shape video game nerds. And don't deny it; the average video gamer is certainly out of shape.

    It's a disgrace to Tom Brady and Michael Jordan and Muhammid Ali to say video gaming is a sport. It's asinine.

    And it doesn't matter if a bunch of people watch other people play video games, which is weird enough. It still doesn't make it a sport. Just because PewDiePie has 35 million subs, watching him play video games instead of PLAYING IT THEMSELVES, doesn't make it normal. Get over it.


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