AUTO MECHANIC IN VIRTUAL REALITY! | Job Simulator VR: Infinite Overtime (HTC Vive Pro Gameplay)

There is no success without Job. That’s right! I’m back with Job Simulator’s Infinite Overtime. We are going to work all night as a Auto Mechanic. Lots of people bring their cars to the best…


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  1. Have you purchased a KAT Walk? I saw you in the comment section on their most recent video, so I look forward to seeing it in action soon! Considering when and if you backed it, when do you think you'll be getting yours? Hopefully reviews will start popping up soon so I can decide whether or not I should get it. I'm not sure when they'll going to start shipping

  2. Hello nathie great new video on job simulator on the auto mechanic cartridge please more this title on the channel as new games come out. I question if any VR titles out out now or in the future if you could look into that I would greatly

  3. Here are the updates for PowersVR:


    * Added Hero Gallery
    – This area can be accessed from the main menu, next to the Sandbox button
    – In this area you'll find a computer terminal with a keyboard and screen
    – The terminal contains records of all heroes and villains currently in the game

    * In future updates lore about the world and organizations will be added to the terminal


    * Updated to Unreal Engine 4.17
    – This type of incremental upgrade usually improves stability and performance
    – Opens up more features I can now use to make the development easier

    * Hero selection menu has been reworked
    – The "Change power" button now needs to be held to keep the menu open
    – Instead of a menu of four heroes at a time, bubbles with all heroes pop up around the controller
    – Releasing the "Change power" button over one of the bubbles will set that ability as current
    – Releasing the button without hovering a bubble will retain the current ability

    * Remapped some controller buttons
    – Trackpad now activates an ability's secondary effect (such as cancelling teleportation)
    – Holding the Side button now opens the hero selection menu and releasing it closes it
    – Pressing B or Y activates an ability's secondary effect (such as cancelling teleportation)
    – Holding the Index trigger now opens the hero selection menu and releasing it closes it

    * Unified input system
    – This will allow to easily integrate new controllers such as the upcoming Vive Knuckles

    * Additional models have been added to the game world, replacing older ones
    * Added base of new Billboard system which will help populate the city with colorful fictional ads
    – Until I get offers to add real world ones cough*Coca-Cola call me*cough
    * Added more decals around the city

    * Fixed an issue that made most enemy projectiles invisible.


    * Added new notification system
    – This system displays messages to the player one at a time, before removing them after a delay
    – For now the only notification is to inform players when they've unlocked a new hero
    – In the story mode this system will display conversations between characters or tips/prompts

    * Added a "Return to Main Menu" button in the game menu
    – This will abort challenges and in the future story missions

    * Added building generation system
    – The system builds whole buildings using a couple of 3D models and parameters
    – This will drastically speed up building creation and allow for bigger variety
    – Next I'll be looking into generating whole city blocks dynamically.

    * Replaced instructions around the city with visual tutorials
    * Added a basic controls guide in the sandbox and main menu


    * Removed option to land manually
    – Fly/Land spam was an easy exploit to confuse enemies and that wouldn't work for the story mode
    – The feature was also quite prone to bugs
    – You'll still be automatically landed when you change to a different movement power


    * Updated particle effects to make them more impactful

    * Updated particle effect
    – Lightning now occasionally arcs from player's hand


    * Disabled tessellation (which wasn't being used to begin with)
    – Big framerate boost especially with many objects on screen

    * Implemented Simplygon tools in the workflow
    – Simplygon offers automatic Level of Detail (LOD) generation
    – This allows for objects farther from the player to be rendered with more simplistic graphics
    – When building a whole city, this will prove invaluable to maintain a good framerate
    – All new assets and many old ones now have LODs

    * Due to a peformance drop, fire escapes have been removed from the game until they can be optimized
    – All citizens are advised to call a flying hero in case of emergency

    * Some older models have receieved tweaks, especially regarding their textures
    * Some particle systems (especially ones using translucency) have been reworked to make them lighter

    I think it might be outdated.

  4. Hi Nathie remember me who said I might get an oculus rift. Well I got it , and it was 100% worth it. Thank you for inspiring me with VR. Keep up the great work?

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