VR Cities & VR Bars? – Blockchain CryptoCurrency VR – CEEK ICO Review

VR Cities and VR Bars? Blockchain cryptocurrency VR with CEEK ICO! ICO Review!
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  1. We love VR!!
    And thank you for finally giving clear transparency in the form of a disclaimer on these payed reviews! Also making the raffles live so we can see it is the only way to go! xD

  2. i think we need more time(2-3years ) to vr stuff to get start i got a htc vive and 1080gtx for vr stuff u really need stong pc
    and i invested around 2k euro .. i think not everyone can afford to buy a vr and a good pc at this price tag right now


  3. great video i can see VR doing big things in the future for the gaming industry
    ETH: 0xf5bDD4F410EB69544190086b282393f87d2b31cB

  4. very unique project. didn"t like VR before but after this i think it is growing on me.
    eth – 0x5c86908ee3d760b5eab8bd53d4d098d3c77ee169

  5. This sounds like a very interesting and innovative project. I might get into this as soon as I get some funds. 0x2A080cad6CDbd159A27d3Eb64e6957b153d30BD8

  6. They are a little late to the vr/ar game for the token launch however the working project gives them a leg up on the competition.


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