Crypto News | Bitcoin Consolidates As Altcoins Keep Running. Mastercard To Use Blockchain Tech?

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  1. Hey James
    I sold my verge yesterday … I totally agree with you. I can put my money into much safer and more inspirational projects like neo, lisk, Ada and ontology.
    Can you review TKY please

  2. Good new to all of us. Bitcoin is consolidating and altcoins too. In my particular case, two of my principal investments (NEO and DeepOnion) are going up. Patience is the key.

  3. Let's get a full review on Elastos maybe? I see a lot of people mentioning it, and I am a fan of it as well obviously. Massive potential, and they already have numerous DApps lined up with existing companies. Just curious where the nos being developed by City of Zion comes into play since Elastos is part of the G3 with Neo.

  4. Thank you for this market analysis buddy. All the promising privacy coins like DeepOnion are back in the game too. Exciting times ahead for all HODLERS <3
    Keep up the good, can't wait for your next video (maybe about privacy coins?)

  5. Thumbs up every time..but MacAfee is a murdering rapist possible Peado with a taste for human excrement…do we have to give him time ,energy & awareness?..reason I'm into crypto is to get away from the banks & the kind of sickness that McAfee represents…how about you interview his victims instead of bigging him up ?..Have to say that Fam…he needs to go jail & stay away from the Crypto Scene…Love Up X

  6. I know I'm being incredibly selfish but I want this market to run sideways for a bit longer so I can get as much money in as possible. I know this market will explode soon and I feel like I'm going to miss the boat! Wish I had more money!

  7. I am sorry mate you lost my vieuw this time.. I know it is your opinion about verge.. I do not see why you are still living
    in the past.. Verge has a big partnership waiting.. At least that is what they are saying ofcourse.. Why not be happy
    and hope that they are getting cryptocurrency to be mass adopted.. Crypto's that are going well and have big announcements
    are allways going to be talked down.. you know that.. Why would someone who is putting his face like everywhere on all different
    intervieuws do a exit scam..? In this young space we should help each other. And not be against each other.

  8. Hey James, did you ever check out Philakons ema trading strategy on trading view indicators I mentioned a while back? It has 4 emas preset on just 1 indicator so you can use more indicators instead of having to set each ema on a seperate indicators.
    Check it out man and keep up the great content!

  9. Reporting on current relevant news is not spreading FUD! James is entitled to his opinion and he is beyond fair showing both sides and points of view. If people fear facts they are creating their own FUD! and they are actually being the genesis of the FUD down the line once they post about it. James please don’t take those comments to heart mate i can see how honest and honourable you are as well mate ??????

  10. Bitcoin dominance is only relevant to the fact that more alternatives are on offer; mathematically inevitable and not an indicator of unpopularity. Great info vid as always 🙂

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