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  1. I was actually gunna buy it but the 90$ cad price tag for me in this platform game I was like hell no this ain’t worth that much these kind of games should be 30-40$ max it’s not an open world game with crazy content an replay value I’ll wait couple years or something

  2. I really hope they make atleast one more like true Kirby game on here because I love this game a lot but it just didn't have enough stuff, the story wasn't good and it didn't really interest me, but the next game I hope it's like a true story mode with tons of levels, beautiful graphics just like this one and quality minigames and like minigames that take quite a bit of time. So basically I want a planet robobot dark story, a combination between gameplay of the past four main Kirby games, extra modes and minigames of Kirby Super Star Ultra and some like Kirby free for all fighting minigame that can be online, like smash bros but you can choose your own Kirby copy ability or allies. Bring back the dream allies and the regular allies, and make it possible to actually combine powers like crystal shards please.

  3. Me and two friends played through this entire game, and we are not seeing the “fun of friendship” everyone is talking about. This game, if you can even call it a game, lacks any gameplay, as the game really plays itself. This is an awful excuse for a Kirby game, and one of the two friends, who is a HUGE Kirby fan, hates the game as well. I recommend this game to anyone who absolutely hates money, and seeks a way to waste it as quickly as possible.

  4. I give it a 9999999999999299991929292/10 I love this ❤️

    Get it heart… and you throw hearts in the game????????

    I’m so lonely

  5. I’ve played it up to the second chapter it seems to easy and seems like I’m just button mashing the bosses you don’t have to come up with a strategy for which I didn’t really like I believe it may be good with friends considering you can communicate if you want to be friend or kill a enemy but believe it’s good to the right person I do find myself it’s ok but not totally great I do find myself going aww all the time because Kirby is more cute than a fighter

  6. I've already played Kirby games that looked exactly like this. This is boring. I miss innovation like Mass Attack or Canvas Curse. Those games had a draw to them (pun intended) because they were new and exciting ways to control your favorite familiar non-descript pink hero.

  7. A 4 minute review of a game? Seriously?
    Still, it seems rather fair.
    The game seems to pass rather quickly, but it's still a definite high point in Kirby's history.

  8. Just picked up the last copy at my buddies local Wal-Mart. Games amazing simply put. If you have a family it's a perfect game for your little ones. Nintendo for life

  9. So far, I feel like this is the easiest Kirby game yet and I’m sad. It also drives me nuts when I’m trying to do something and a CPU takes it upon itself to ruin my plans lol. But it’s still a good game. I hope the next one is a fully 3D game like the world map… ?

  10. Dear IGN,

    Your website is terrible. Your videos break almost all the time, forcing me to go to youtube, and also hurting your back end, with no ad rev being given to you.


  11. I just got this game in the mail and it’s straight up BORING! It’s too slow, and way too easy. It’s clear it’s a game for kids. If you’re looking for an epic game pass it. There’s no reason why Kirby should walk like an ant.

  12. From what I've played thus far, this is a very fair rating.
    Playing with friends is fun, but in the first two worlds my friend and I never lost a life, and one of us only ran out of health once. We like a bit more of a challenge, but overall we love the Kirby series and the cute, colorful, quirky fun isn't lost on us no matter how easy it is to plow through the levels

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