TechRadar Talks – Apple Watch: Early Review Roundup

With the upcoming release of the Apple Watch on the horizon, we talk about how the initial reviews and opinions weigh up.


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  1. Battery life "compares to Android Wear"? Really?! Even the worst AW watch routinely gets 2 days with the latest firmware. My 360 rarely drops below 55% at the end of a full heavy use day. For an Apple Watch to be down to 10% at 11pm, as some reviews have been suggesting,…. It's not good.

  2. Apple Watch is definitely look and feel much nicer than any Android smartwatches out there, but both are useless and waste of money. Smartwatch do not make my life any better but would make me look like an arse. Casio G-Shock ftw.

  3. When the Moto 360 first came out and just about got people through the day (which it easily does now) it was poor, Apple Watch does it…. Oh it's fine… Where is the consistency? Also how is Apple on the forefront compared to Android Wear?

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