iPhone 8 review

One of the latests smartphones from Apple, the iPhone 8, gets our full review. With a new glass back design allowing for wireless charging, an super-fast A11 chip, and up to 4K video at 60FPS,…


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  1. I don’t get why they don’t just create plus versions with out the regular since the plus phones seem to be better it’s like they purposely make a lazy version

  2. Just got the 8, so I've been digging on bluetooth headphones and a charging pad.
    I've found some for $20 each, not too bad.

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  4. I’ve been using a 5SE recently. Much easier to use than a larger phone. Hate it when people refer to the iPhone ten as the X . Roman numeral for 10. If you don’t do a lot of photography or videos, getting the 8 Plus is a complete waste of money. If you just want a phone, the iPhone 8 is more than adequate.

  5. See when you’re listening to music or watching videos on the iPhone 8, do you feel vibration on the screen and on the back of the phone? PLEASE let me know.

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